Red Ribbon Week 2012: Fun and effective ways to support Drugs free life

Red Ribbon Week is by far the largest and oldest drug prevention campaign in the country, and one of the most effective for preventing drug use among youth.

Online PR News – 12-October-2012 – United States – Red ribbon week is a nationwide occasion famous every Oct 23-31 at educational institutions, public safety officers and group facilities. The awareness program helps to educate kids the risks of drugs and substance abuse. The awareness campaign is carried in a way to keep a long lasting impact as well as to get to family members and others who live nearby in the group.

The concept for Red ribbon week is created to respect the delayed late US Drug Enforcement Agent, Enrique Camerena, who was tormented and killed by drug lords in South America in 1985 as he was close to making busts of a risky drug cartel there. The dressed in of red silk lace was started in his remembrance, and the practice carries on today. In fact, most educational institutions and companies take advantage of this custom by buying lace with produced information and often their university mark.

The concept is constantly on the market the avoidance of unlawful drug misuse. It also works as a caution to those who have tried drugs or may even have a problem. For those who use drugs consistently or to the point of habit, they do not experience alone. Close relatives, colleagues and friends all have to live with the awful effects of drugs. We all know someone who abuses drugs or has in the past, and we all know that they have taken many affected individuals down their spinning course of devastation.

As an instructor, university manager, cops officer’s or group innovator, you can do your part by delivering an early concept to the learners in your area educational institutions. While the concept is serious, there is no reason why Red ribbon week should not be fun. After all, you are trying to sell kids the concept that there are better things to do than drugs.

Here are some fun, yet efficient methods to market your anti-drug concept during Red ribbon Week 2012 activities.

Wear Red Day - Besides moving out red ribbon with drug-free catch phrases on them, you can have everyone in your university use a red outfit’s article to university. It makes a great kick-off for Red ribbon week and can be organized as a party, or a meeting in your gym or audience.

Red ribbon - By passing out red ribbon week 2012 activities with drug free slogans on them let children show their commitment to a drug free life with the red ribbon holding the message as I am my own anti-drugs, Power to say no to drugs, free from drugs, proud to be drug free, the choice for me is drug free etc.

Show Your Pride - Hang Banners & Posters with anti-drug message so they will be seen in every hallway and the cafeteria of your school. Hang them outside, too so your entire community can see your drug-free commitment.

Life Is Sweet Drug Free - Hand out red ribbon week lollipop with imprinted sticks and customized chocolate bars help promote a drug free life.

Make It Fun & Festive - Red Ribbon week is a party of good living! Display kids that people are happier without drugs. Beautify your service with balloons, no drugs no way stickers, streamers; say no to drugs temporary tattoo silicone awareness bracelets and red ribbons.