Grand Opening - New E Commerce Home Decor Site- A Bit of Decor

On-line Home Decor Business opens. Grand Opening Celebration Oct 7, 2012 - Oct 27, 2012. Many accessories and accents for your home decor. All styles and price ranges.

Online PR News – 12-October-2012 – Kennesaw, GA – A new e-commerce website has launched, titled A Bit of Decor with a focus on providing excellent decorations to homes and businesses, at a cut rate price. Are you looking for a new decorative accent for your home, that is going to make a statement with those that are visiting your home? With a huge range of different products available, they have been able to put together a one-stop shop for all of your decoration needs. Some of the products that they offer, that you might be interested in for your home, in order to make a statement to your guests include;


A Bit of Decor offers a wide range of accents products, including vases and jars, accent pieces, lighting and lamps, and baskets. If you are looking to add small pieces to your home in order to improve the overall look and feel of it, A Bit of Decor has accent decorations I can really help you to do so, and at a reasonable price. By utilizing the vases and jars, and other accent pieces, you can give your home a unique look, that really can accentuate the look of your home, and give it a unique feel. One thing that many people struggle with, is the ability to give their home a unique feel when compared to other homes, and having the right accent items from A Bit of Decor can really help you to do so.


They also offer a wide range of seasonal products, for all seasons of the year. For instance, their winter collection contains many materials that can be used as excellent decorations for Christmas, and other religious holidays that fall around the same time. If you are tired of having the same old Christmas decorations year in and year out, the decorations for the winter season offered by A Bit of Decor can help you to spice up your home during the winter holidays, and really make your home stand out when you are entertaining guests. Their Summer collection consists of birdhouses, decorative gardening equipment, birdbaths, and other summer related items I can help to spice up your back yard and garden area during the summer.


Having the right decorations can also set the mood when you are entertaining guests. By having decorations that allow your home stand out from the others, and also making for interesting conversation topics as well.

A Bit of Decor has done an excellent job of providing a wide range of different decorative products for your home, that you can utilize to spice things up. With their reasonable prices, and high quality products, they have been able to offer one of the best decorative and accentuating product lines, available on the Internet, even during their grand opening. It will be exciting to see where their product lines head toward in the future, and also what they are going to be able to do to expand upon them and begin offering more products. A Bit of Decor is the leading, Premier decorative home company online.