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Addressing the ever-expanding use of phones and tablets by kids, KIDO'Z, the kids OS company is proud to launch a state-of-the-art mobile platform that turns Android devices into fun and safe environment for kids.

Online PR News – 12-October-2012 – TEL AVIV (October, 2012) – While Phones, Tablets and Computers are used by kids practically everywhere, they mostly operate in an environment that has been designed for adults. This means that kids can easily be exposed to tools and content that are not relevant, not appropriate, and in some cases dangerous for them.

Parents have to protect their children from viewing inappropriate or adult-themed content, whilst at the same time keeping their data and settings (contacts, emails, apps etc...) secure and away from their little ones clutches. This is where KIDO'Z, industry leader in kids' platforms step in.

With one click KIDO'Z solves the "child-security issue", by turning android phones and tablets into a safe & secure environment.

When in "Play Mode", KIDO'Z automatically filters the apps on the device, and only displays the apps and content that are recognized as safe, relevant and age appropriated for kids.

In addition, several layers of security, including a child-lock system, ads blocker, apps blocker and real time white listing are activated to ensure that during this "playtime", the kids will only be exposed to appropriate content, and that all adult data and settings are unreachable by them.

KIDO'Z also understands that searching for appropriate child content can be a time consuming task, and even once suitable content has been found, it's just a matter of time until demands for something new are made. KIDO'Z also has a solution for this, so there's no endless searching for parents to undertake!

Pre-loaded with a set of core applications and tons of pre-approved content, KIDO’Z allows kids to safely and easily explore apps and online content like they never have before.

The KIDO'Z smart content engine matches the best apps, videos, websites and online games from an ever-growing library for the specific profile of each individual child.
Before any new material "goes live" it is moderated by the KIDO'Z team - who are all parents themselves, and new apps, videos, games etc... are added on a regular basis, making sure that there's a fresh influx of content at all times.

As an added layer of customization (and safety), parents can adjust every aspect of their children's usage on KIDO'Z. Through the Parental Control panel they can manage the apps and content available for their kids, set a daily usage time limit, adjust security policy and more…

KIDO'Z supports multi kids usage, for families with more than one child; it supports offline mode, to allow using KIDO'Z also when the Phone or Tablet is not connected, and it's available in 17 languages - making it a truly global solution.

KIDO'Z Play Mode can be installed for FREE from Google Play:

KIDO'Z has partnered with several device manufacturers, pre-loading the KIDO'Z Play Mode on their devices, and helping them to target better to the family segment. KIDO'Z is currently securing content deals with kids publishers, who will be able to monetize their content via the virtual money based Kids App Store which will be launched later this year.

About KIDO'Z

In a world where kids are increasingly interacting with digital devices, KIDO’Z mission is to provide a better, safer and friendlier digital experience for kids on Phones, Tablets, Computers and TVs.

KIDO’Z, which has been listed as one of the top 50 tech products by BusinessWeek, launched its first product on 2009 as a kids OS for PC. Creating a fun and safe environment, with a collection of special tools, KIDO'Z enables children to carry out everything that adults do on digital devices, but simply, intuitively, and without needing to know how to read or write.

KIDO'Z is installed on millions of devices with dedicated users from all around the world. With a recorded 50 million blocks in the past three years, protecting kids from inappropriate content, KIDO'Z keeps to its promise of keeping all viewable content safe and fun.

KIDO'Z is currently PC, Mac and now Android compatible and is available for download from

KIDO'Z is developed by KIDO'Z Ltd, a Tel-Aviv based company created and managed by parents and top industry professionals.

For more information please contact us at: