iCastDeals, a Brand New Destination for Online Deals…

This is an press release about Restaurant Deals in the age of Internet. The press release discusses the advantages of restaurant deals and how they are beneficial both for the patrons, as well as the businesses.

Online PR News – 12-October-2012 – Ontario / California – Ontario, California, September 2012 – Here is the most exciting news of the moment! There’s a brand new destination for the greatest online deals on Internet. Yes! iCastDeals is here, offering most exciting deals online.

iCastDeals is the new concept that offers great, time sensitive online deals as per one’s choices and interests. It is a three dimensional concept that benefits three different categories of people. The first dimension offers the clients with great, time sensitive deals, saving their money and time. While the second one gives the service providers, like restaurants, bars, recreation, retail etc., a rare opportunity to showcase their products and services to potential customers through great deals. This helps build customer loyalty and to draw clients when they really need them. The third dimension is altogether, a new one, which offers a great platform for everyone getting associated with iCastDeals, to earn extra revenue through their referrals, who join iCastDeals. The new online destination http://www.icastdeals.com offers all this in most presentable and exciting way.

This refreshingly new concept is already gaining momentum amongst the online visitors, as well business owners alike. Offering great deals at no extra cost is being liked among one and all. Maintaining privacy and giving high level of flexibility are the other highlights of this concept and website.

Commenting on the launch of iCastDeals, Emmanuel Mathew, the brain behind the concept, said, “We are excited to launch this new concept for the Internet users. The concept works very well, even without Internet, because most of the deals are sent through text messages to the end users. This unique concept is sure to benefit one and all, and can also be an interesting source of revenue for the interested. We have total faith that this concept will work, and are confident of the success; because this concept is conceptualized to benefit everyone, along with the flexibility to maintain their privacy and choice.“

About iCastDeals.

iCastDeals has emerged as an innovative platform that allows members to quickly deliver and dispatch time-sensitive deals – i.e., deals designed for specific periods - and information to allow members to benefit from deals and allow businesses to quickly gain customers when they need them.

iCastDeals core text messaging (SMS) and e-mail marketing platform provides the clients with an ability to create, distribute, track, and report time-sensitive deals to members. An important part of our concept is that members have the ability to control how, when, and from whom they receive deals. This ensures they are not flooded with unwanted deals all the time. For more details on iCastDeals, please visit http://www.icastdeals.com.

Press Contact:
Emmanuel Mathew, CEO
Email: biz@icastdeals.com
PH: 909.605.2729 x 214