Former Rocket Scientist Launches New Review Website
11 October 2012
Consumer reviews are more important than ever in the consumer buying experience. That's the reason has launched. This new review website is devoted to giving honest reviews of products and services in numerous industries. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it."Reviews are my passion," said Chris Klucinski of "I realized I was spending a ton of time online researching products and I couldn't be the only one. That's how the idea for a new website was formed."When Klucinski lost his job as a rocket scientist, he decided to go the route of the entrepreneur. He launched on October 1st, 2012 and is looking to turn the website into a full-time endeavor."I hated rocket science. My attitude was bad and I deserved to get fired," he said. "When I finally got sacked, I figured, how hard it could be making a successful review site? It's not rocket science after all."Klucinski lined up a few outsourced writers and has employed one full-time staff writer to assist him with the reviews. He says that honesty and accuracy are the keys to creating a lasting review website that's truly a resource for people who visit."The whole website is built on the WordPress MU platform, so there's a lot of potential to really grow," he said. "My visions is a large website that covers a lot of topics. People are researching all kinds of products online and they really love to read somebody else's perspective before making a decision."Klucinski said he expects visitors to help make even more of a resource. They'll add ratings and comments and contribute the overall value of the resource. will be adding content nearly continuously. Expect to hear a lot more from this upstart review website and its quirky founder. Please visit for more information. Klookl