InterFACE Child Actor Featured in NFL National Network Commercial

9 Year-old New Jersey Actor Lands National Network Commercial With The Help of Talent Marketing Firm

[He] won for best smile eyes and personality.

Online PR News – 12-October-2012 – New York, New York – As a talent marketing company, InterFACE, prides itself as being a benefit to people that want to start a career in the entertainment industry. For the past six years, the company has forged a way for countless talented youth. One of their most important assets in this journey, are the supportive mothers and fathers of their youngest clients, which encourage these budding talents.

Owen H. is a nine year old InterFACE client with endless talent. The adorable young man stumbled upon the acting and modeling industry while taking a trip with his mother, Silvia, to the mall; “He was spotted for Discover Kids competition,” says Silvia, “[He] won for best smile, eyes, and personality.” It would soon become apparent to Silvia that Owen’s personality makes him a perfect fit as a child actor for the elusive entertainment industry.

In 2009, Owen and his mother visited the New Jersey InterFACE location and he became a registered client; “The jobs he started with at InterFACE Talent helped him build experience and be comfortable with future jobs" said Silvia. Through InterFACE Talent, Owen was requested and booked for several acting opportunities including: "Law & Order: SVU", "Smurf Movie", LensCrafter’s commercial and a PBS commercial. Shortly after, Owen was requested to meet with Shirley Grant Model and talent agency where he signed an exclusive contract; “Shirley Grant loved Owen,” said Silvia, “and hired him right away.” Through his management company, Owen landed his largest and most recent commercial acting opportunity to date. He has been featured in a NFL/USA football association national network commercial, alongside football legend Michael Strahan.

In the commercial, Owen plays a young football player that simply wants to thank Strahan for teaching him how to tackle properly. Strahan then tells Owen to thank USA Football for the “Heads Up” football program which looks to help young athletes by connecting them with professional players. His sentiment is then deflected again as the USA director tells him to thank his mother. Finally, his mother believes the real ‘thank you’ should go to his coach for following through with the idea, but the coach then reminds Owen that he is the real person that deserves credit. Owen, without hesitation, accepts the credit.

Owen’s excellent display of subtle comedic acting is truly innate. We commend Owen for his professionalism and great acting!

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