Tourney Tracker: The First App to Track Every Poker Tournament in the United States

Tourney Tracker is the first app of its kind. Most poker and casino sites do not provide enough details on their tournaments. Tourney Tracker lists all of their information in one easy-to-use app, including blind levels, late registration, starting stacks, and more.

Online PR News – 10-October-2012 – TAMPA, FL – Tourney Tracker is the new up and coming phone app that combines information on poker tournaments throughout the U.S. in one easy-to-use place. Most poker fans must search many different websites to find information on a single tournament. Now all of that searching is over. Tourney Tracker shows extensive and constantly updated information on poker tournaments in every state. Not only does the app have all the information in one place, but it also has information that is not even found on the internet. It lists the estimated number of players, the average duration, and even late registration dates.

Devon Garbus and Natasha Barbour, the founders of Tourney Tracker, are both poker players who realized the need for such an app. Whether they were looking up the cost of a buy-in or just curious about an upcoming tournament, they thought information about poker tournaments should be consolidated into one place and not spread out over many different websites. No one should have to spend countless hours trying to find basic information. Tourney Tracker lists the date, address, starting stack, contact information for the tournament, and more, all gathered into one app so poker fans no longer need to search multiple websites.

The app is compatible with both Android and Apple products, making it available anywhere at any time. Whether the information is needed while hopping on a plane to find tournaments at the next destination or just to look up starting stacks and blind levels, for the first time ever, there is an app for that. Search by state, look at the calendar, or let the GPS find one. Tourney Tracker is the first of its kind both on the internet and as an app.