Dr. Shelley Borgia Speaks To New York Times About Hearing Loss

Dr.Shelley A. Borgia & Dr. Jessica M. Frankel of New York City Hearing Associates are dedicated Doctors of Audiology who diagnose and treat hearing loss and symptoms such as tinnitus. Dr. Borgia & Dr. Frankel also specialize in hearing protection & custom ear phones.

Online PR News – 11-October-2012 – Manhattan, NY – October is National Protect Your Hearing Month. New York City Hearing Associates, PLLC is hosting an event for complimentary hearing screenings within the month of October. Dr. Shelley A. Borgia & Dr. Jessica M. Frankel talk to New York Times about the negative effects hearing loss has on quality of life. Common signs include finding it difficult to follow discussions in a crowd or a busy restaurant, being distracted by background noise when talking to others, or turning up the volume on TV or radio. Still other indications are difficulty hearing doorbells, carrying on telephone conversations or identifying the source of sound from an alarm clock or cell phone.

Dr. Borgia & Dr. Frankel recommend that people who have experienced at least one of these signs seek a consultation with an audiologist (a highly educated and clinically trained, licensed health professional) who can identify the cause and extent of hearing loss and suggest ways of overcoming it.

Many people say Lyric has opened up new worlds to them because it has enabled them to hear clearly

NYC Hearing Associates also specializes in custom hearing protection, musician's earmolds, and custom ear phones. Dr. Borgia & Dr. Frankel encourage everyone to help support hearing awareness. “Hearing loss affects more than communication,” said Dr. Borgia, a board-certified audiologist and national advocate for hearing awareness. “It has social, physical, psychological and cognitive consequences.

People with hearing loss often become isolated, feeling less connected to family and friends. Their cognitive function is diminished because they can’t process words. Stress increases. Some people become depressed or anxious because they having difficulty coping in their environment.” Hearing devices can improve your daily communication.

New York City Hearing Associates, PLLC will be featured in the Healthy Living section of the New York Times on October 14, 2012 highlighting a new breakthrough in technology. A 100% invisible hearing device that is worn 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week for up to 4 months at a time providing a hassle-free approach to wearing hearing devices. "Many people say Lyric has opened up new worlds to them because it has enabled them to hear clearly," says Dr. Borgia.

New York City Hearing Associates,PLLC is a privately owned company. Specialties include audiological evaluations, tinnitus evaluations, hearing aides, preservation devices, and custom ear phones.

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