Panorama Software Introduces New Approach to the Growing Trend towards a More Social Enterprise

The social enterprise is entering a new wave of applications, with the first wave including advanced collaboration capabilities such as Digg, Yammer or LinkedIn. Now, the second wave of heavier business applications are beginning to embrace social architecture.

Online PR News – 11-October-2012 – Toronto, Ontario – Panorama Software, a global leader in proactive Business Intelligence solutions, introduces new insights into the benefits for companies that are looking to become social enterprises by empowering their workplace with easier sharing and collaboration capabilities. The social enterprise is entering a new wave of applications, with the first wave including advanced collaboration capabilities such as Digg, Yammer or LinkedIn. Now, the second wave of heavier business applications such as CRM, Business Intelligence or Data Management tools are beginning to embrace a more social, “crowdsouring” architecture.

“The ‘social enterprise’ means much more than a company simply engaging customers through Twitter or Facebook,” said Rony Ross, Founder of Panorama Software. “We are seeing the trend of business applications taking on attributes of these consumer-facing sites to encourage greater sharing and collaboration throughout the enterprise. This is the future of corporate structure, an erosion of bureaucracy and information silos replaced by more transparent and efficient operations.”

Many enterprise employees understand the benefits of social networking such as instant communication and group thinking and can then envision how such attributes could be applied to business applications. For example, better sharing within a CRM system could allow operations staff to give greater context to sales forecasts that show steep drops in certain product category sales. Collaborative sharing brings in crowdsourcing capabilities so problems are identified more quickly and the resulting solutions can be explored.

“We believe that BI should be the first enterprise application to move to a more social platform,” continued Ross. “BI is the central hub for the sharing of ideas that inform decision making, so it’s the one application that can gain the most from improved collaborative features. By making BI more social, information is shared throughout the enterprise, making it more likely that decisions will have the interests of the entire enterprise in mind. Once companies become comfortable with this new social environment, then they typically look at launching socially-enabled CRM or employee resource planning solutions.”

Panorama Necto is fully embracing the social enterprise trend as the first BI solution that effectively leverages social decision making to encourage collaboration and produce deeper insights. Necto is Panorama’s flagship platform that allows users to “follow” other top performers, comment on insights, create ad-hoc groups on the fly to collaborate at a data level, not just report, and all comments and discussions are archived and searchable, allowing companies to create dynamic knowledge bases of socially-informed data. For more information about Necto, visit

About Panorama Software:

Panorama Software helps companies grow revenues, reduce costs and improve corporate performance by enabling social decision making and unlocking actionable insights contained within their data.

Leading the Business Intelligence 3.0 revolution, Panorama Software offers a new generation of BI solutions that introduces a unique way to connect data, insights, and people in the organization. Panorama Necto™ is the first BI solution that leverages Social Decision Making and Automated Insights to enable users gain insights more quickly, more efficiently, and with greater relevancy.

Panorama Software is the original developer of the OLAP technology that Microsoft acquired in 1996 and integrated into the SQL Server platform, and since has been a close and strategic Microsoft partner.

Panorama streamlines business operations for over 1,600 customers worldwide and has a wide eco-system of partners in 30 countries, maintaining offices throughout North America, EMEA and Asia. To learn more about Panorama Software, please visit

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