Adeptia Announces Successful Deployment of NetSuite Integration Solution at Outside The Box Group

Adeptia Inc., an innovative provider of business process integration technologies, today announced successful deployment of its NetSuite Integration Solution at Outside The Box Group.

Online PR News – 23-March-2010 – – Adeptia Inc., an innovative provider of business process integration technologies, today announced successful deployment of its NetSuite Integration Solution at Outside The Box Group.

Outside The Box offers innovative and high quality travel-related gear through its Web site This industry-leading etailing outlet was growing so rapidly that Outside the Box needed to find way to harness the power of its biggest asset - the management of business data. The company saw that it could improve operations significantly by investing in technology to support the integration and transfer of data to and from its vendors. They also needed to tie this data to their inventory and accounting systems.

"Adeptia is a perfect fit for our requirements as it offers process automation and integration in one single package. The solution provides automated data integration between NetSuite, our merchant site ProTravelGear and the vendor data in real time. This initiative has helped us to improve our business process efficiency and timeliness" said David A. Dillinger, Executive Vice President at Outside The Box Group.

Outside the Box selected Adeptia's Application Integration Server and NetSuite Accelerator to support these initiatives. Adeptia's powerful integration technology has allowed the company to improve business processes and support the transfer of vendor data, load vendor data files into NetSuite and generate product information for the merchant website. Further, this solution provides real time updates to NetSuite by automating order and credit card transaction processing. Adeptia's Integration Accelerator for NetSuite also provides timely access to critical business information through its ability to seamlessly move data into and out of NetSuite.

"We are excited about first win of our recently launched NetSuite integration solution. Adeptia's award winning technology and innovative solutions have helped our clients gain competitive advantage by automating and improving their business processes. Adeptia strives to meet customer's need and exceed expectations." said Deepak Singh, President of Adeptia.

Adeptia Integration Accelerator for NetSuite offers following benefits to Outside The Box Group:

Rapid turnaround time: The real-time integration between vendor data, NetSuite and website allow for timely updates of website content and processing of website purchases resulting in improved service to merchants and customers.
Improved consistency: Outside the Box is able to manage its business data and ensure the accuracy of inventory counts, accounts receivable and order status.
Increased efficiencies: Process design and automation and allows the company to easily manage and optimize it processes and make adjustments as business needs change.

About Outside The Box Group
Based in Pineville, NC, Outside The Box Inc., has designed, developed, and marketed their own line of noise-canceling headphones including the very successful and popular SolitudeTM noise-canceling headphone, The Plane QuietTM noise canceling headphone, and their latest product, the SolitudeTM Acoustic Isolation System (AISTM) in ear unit. With more than 100 years combined experience in the airline and travel industry, the Outside The Box, Inc. team is dedicated to developing innovative products for the frequent and professional traveler along with specialty noise canceling products for retail, commercial and industrial

About Adeptia:
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