Future Kids Daycare Unveils Childcare in Burnaby With A Structured Curriculum For Children

With a supportive, safe, and activity-centered environment, Future Kids Daycare promises exciting and satisfying learning for kids.

Online PR News – 11-October-2012 – Coquitlam, BC – For parents in Coquitlam, the search for a proper daycare is now over. With an accessible daycare center like Futurekids Childcare in Burnaby, parents have an advantage of an all-inclusive curriculum that focuses on overall development of children.

One of the first decisions working women make is whether to induct their child in a daycare center, or not. Finding a good one, however, is an onerous task.

There are a plenty of daycare centers with varied preschool programs. However, sadly, reports are a mixed bag of risks and benefits.

On the con side controversies persist, as in some day care programs, children have shown more anxiety and aggressiveness than when they were at home.

Luckily, things are changing now.

“There were swings in public opinion whenever a new study was released containing both good and bad conclusions,” says a president of a non-profit research center. “The debate is not yet over but the angst seems to have subsided a lot,” she adds.

Child development specialists say that a good daycare or pre-school program must have the following:
Improve children’s pre-academic skills.
Language and memory.
Prepare them for kindergarten.

Besides, it will be even better, if the daycare center provides the kids with an edge through elementary school.

Luckily, the curriculum at Futurekids Childcare Burnaby seems to have all the ingredients to nurture kids for future tasks.

The curriculum has an art program that encourages children to use a variety of art media, worksheets to strengthen patterning, sequencing and premath skills, and indoor and outdoor activities for health and fitness.

“Drawing is a fundamental skill of the visual art and must be learnt by all children. This will provide them with an academic advantage later on in the class room,” says an experienced teacher of a daycare center.

The unique programs of Futurekids Childcare Burnaby and Childcare Coquitlam promise top quality classroom experience that is enjoyable, appealing, and educational.

After all, most kids are visual tactile learners. They must see, touch, and act.

All parents want that a daycare center must provide their kids the necessary grounding to succeed later on in life.

Future Kids Daycare is a daycare center that aims at focusing on individual development while providing a moral context. The curriculum of Childcare Burnaby by Future Kids Daycare is structured to provide individual development and growth.

You can contact Future Kids Daycare by logging on to www.futurekidsdaycare.ca.