(Bridgeton,MO) March 22, 2010 Michael Hathman of Smart Solutions Credit Repair suggests attorney services in some credit repair cases

Credit repair does not necessarily require the services of an attorney - but in some cases where a legal challenge may exist, the retention of a law licensee may be critically important.

Online PR News – 23-March-2010 – – In all cases, it is highly recommended to have an attorney on standby ready to assist you if needed - especially if you if you end up facing a legal challenge.

Credit repair is a very complicated issue and in some cases a situation may arise that will require legal assistance. Such common issues that may require attorney services include: civil suits, criminal charges, car repossession, creditor billing problems, identity theft, etc.

Remember that seeking legal counsel when necessary is a wise move. It is critical that you use an attorney who is familiar with the particular area of law that can address your issue: such as credit, corporate/contract law, disability, traffic, criminal, etc.

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