Biart Company to attract investments to develop Depth Hunter Online social gaming network

October 9th, 2012 - Delaware, North America. Biart Company, an independent development studio, today announced its plans to attract investments to develop Depth Hunter Online social gaming network for divers and release a public version of the biEngine technology.

Online PR News – 10-October-2012 – Dallas, USA – Depth Hunter Online is expected to unite both the professional audience - divers, underwater explorers and hunters as well as fans of underwater games. The game has much to offer: real locations, top-brand diving equipment, special equipment (ROV, bathyscaphes, etc.). Apart from completing tasks, players can run their own business: set up a diving centre, build a team to participate in competitions, sell equipment, train divers, etc.

The project is a mix of a MMO game and a social network. Every player will have their own account with possibility to upload and edit underwater photos; integration with Facebook; diving logbook and plugins to connect to underwater computers. Another unique option is the simulation of a player´s real-life dives in the game, if the diving spot is in Depth Hunter Online locations database.

Diving companies will have an effective marketing, promotional and sales tool. Virtual offices of underwater equipment brands will be a part of the Depth Hunter Online world.

Biart is going to use a cloud infrastructure solution and the biEngine technology to ensure access to Depth Hunter Online from most popular devices. The project will be released for mobile devices (iOS, Android), PC and consoles.

"Not only did we release two multiplatform projects based on our technology in 2012, but also prepared Biart for further development by choosing our growth strategy. The raised funds will be spent on the development and edition of Depth Hunter Online, as well as on the release of a public version of the biEngine technology." - says Konstantin Popov, CEO of Biart Company LLC.

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About Biart Company

Biart is an independent developer of cross-platform games and interactive projects. The company has developed its proprietary technology biEngine that allows developing games for PC, consoles and mobiles without additional content and special code programming.

Biart Company LLC is incorporated in Delaware, USA. The company´s business office is in Texas, USA, and its R&D office is in Moscow, Russia.

Biart´s goal is to occupy the niche of interactive products for fans of sea, divers and underwater hunters and become a tool and an intermediary between the audience and companies that advertise their products.

Biart also offers the possibility to license the biEngine technology as an optimal solution for third-party game developers who strive to have guaranteed productivity of 3D projects on mobile handsets, tablets and Intel® Ultrabooks.