Bacardi Limited Donates $50,000 to the Haitian Relief Efforts

Known as an internationally popular beverage company, Bacardi Limited has donated $50,000 in an effort to support the relief efforts in Haiti.

Online PR News – 23-March-2010 – – Known as an internationally popular beverage company, Bacardi Limited has donated $50,000 in an effort to support the relief efforts in Haiti. Working in conjunction with the Pan Development Foundation (PADF), Bacardi’s donation was directly sent to PADF in order to allow the organization to utilize the funds for optimal benefits.

The International Scope of Bacardi Limited

As the creator of more than 200 unique flavors, varieties, and types of alcohol-based products, Bacardi is widely popular in diverse regions around the globe. However, Bacardi Cuba has consistently given back to their global community. Specifically, Bacardi Limited upholds a corporate mission known as the “Bacardi Limited Philanthropy and Community Involvement Mission.” With this focus, the company’s leaders and employees aim to serve a diverse array of communities in countries around the world. As a result, Bacardi Limited strives to help all employees gain a greater sense of connection to the communities and regions where they work, live, and spend their time.

Aligning with this philanthropic mission, Bacardi Cuba has a solid reputation of providing assistance to communities and regions in great need. For example, the company donated and volunteered to assist devastating catastrophes such as Asia’s tsunami, China’s great earthquake, Hurricanes in Cuba and the United States, and so forth. Even at the local level, the company has encouraged and supported local community fund raising efforts and community involvement practices. Bacardi Limited employees from around the world actively participate in various local philanthropic pursuits with their co-workers.

Bacardi Limited and the PADF

By working with the PADF, Bacardi Limited’s $50,000 donation is put towards providing citizens of Haiti with fundamental resources and supplies. With this money, Haitian citizens are able to be provided with medical supplies, food, water, as well as an array of essentials for personal treatment and sustainability.

PADF shares a clear and admirable mission of philanthropic service. PADF is a non-profit organization that has been working to assist communities in need since 1962. Independently run and managed, it works with private businesses in order to foster and execute social and economic support throughout regions of Latin America and the Caribbean. As the Bacardi Limited company was first founded in Cuba, in 1862, the regional focus of PADF helps to further allow the company to donate back to its communal roots and regions.