Bacardi Limited is Devoted to Helping Haiti in the Aftermath of the Earthquake

Established in Cuba back in 1862, the Bacardi Limited company has been a highly respected and popular business for over a century.

Online PR News – 23-March-2010 – – Established in Cuba back in 1862, the Bacardi Limited company has been a highly respected and popular business for over a century. Well known as the world’s largest privately managed alcohol / spirits company, the Bacardi Limited family has built its solid reputation on not only their products, but also their philanthropic missions.

Specifically embracing the company’s roots from Cuba, the Bacardi Cuba company has actively worked in cooperation with the Pan American Development Foundation, also known as PADF. As PADF is a non-profit group that specifically serves to support communities in the Caribbean and Latin America, Bacardi has generously provided PADF with both time and resources in order to help support individuals and regions in need.

Coping with the Haitian Earthquake

As Haiti’s devastating earthquake has taken countless lives, damaged structures of buildings and facilities, while leaving entire regions without essentials for living, the Bacardi Limited company has actively pursued relief and support efforts through the PADF organization. In particular, the company generously contributed $50,000 to the PADF relief efforts for victims and individuals in Haiti.

With the large contribution from Bacardi Cuba, PADF leaders have been able to provide the Haitian people with access to non-perishable food, essential nutrients, water, as well as access to medical care. Extending on these core resources, relief efforts from organizations such as PADF have also been able to help provide citizens of Haiti with access to technology in order to attempt to contact family members or other potential survivors of the recent quake.

The Mission to Foster Community

Adding to this larger donation on behalf of the Bacardi Limited family, employees of the company have collectively arranged their own local relief fund raisers, supply drives, and charity events. Bacardi Limited locations from an array of countries have fostered their own unique Haitian relief collection events at their local sites.

According to Chairman Facundo L. Bacardi, all of the employees are devoted to helping victims of Haiti’s earthquake. With the large financial donation, in conjunction with the local charity drives, the entire Bacardi Family hopes to help alleviate even the slightest amount of pain and loss that citizens of Haiti are undoubtedly experiencing.

Notably, the company has been known to extend its charitable causes beyond the Haitian relief efforts. Adding to the most recent Haitian relief focus, the Bacardi Limited family has also provided resources and charitable donations in the aftermaths of global crises. Examples of these incidents include providing assistance and aid towards recovery efforts in the wake of the Asian tsunami, China’s immense and devastating earthquake, the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, as well as a number of additional natural disasters. As the company values its philanthropic and charitable pursuits, the company’s record of providing assistance amidst global crises certainly reveals just one of the many reasons that Bacardi has been a respected name and business for nearly 150 years.