The WesternSpringRevolution.Com to Save the USA and the Western World from Economic Enslavement

The Western Spring Revolution is launched by Valerie J. Elly to create awareness among the American people regarding the Federal Reserve Act and the foreign owned Federal Reserve Bank which manipulates the nation’s economy

Online PR News – 10-October-2012 – Coonabarabran – NSW, Australia – Economic enslavement is one of the major reasons why the world economy is suffering current economic turmoil. The signing of Federal Reserve Act in 1913 created the sinister Federal Reserve System. The Act granted the elite owners a legal authority to issue Federal Reserve Notes as legal tender. The Act, signed by President Woodrow Wilson must be abolished to save the American people from generations of enslavement to the elite class landlords. Valerie J. Elly, based in a small rural Australian town of Coonabarabran, urges all Americans and concerned people of the world to start a Western Spring Revolution to save themselves. Just like the Arab Spring is transforming the Arab people to claim a better future. This will save the American people from many generations of enslavement to pay back the sinister Fed Bank’s ill-gotten debt.
WesternSpringRevolution.Com is where you can join the Western Spring Revolution to save the mighty USA before it is too late. This micro-economic strategy can in turn save the rest of the Western World. The abolition of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act can lead the American people to claim the Fed Bank for themselves so they will have control over their own economic strategies, and therefore allow the people to control their own economic, social and democratic destiny. America will be able to free itself from the sinister foreign elite owners of the Fed Bank.
Once we save America, we will be able to save the rest of the world because America is the key to global economic emancipation. If we fail to save America, all will be lost.
With the economic turmoil faced by the Americans, and the rest of the world, the time has come for all of us to unite behind the Western Spring Revolution and fight for a better future.
Valerie J. Elly is encouraging all Americans to unite and demand that Obama and Romney commit to abolish the 1913 Federal Reserve Act upon being elected. Most Americans are unaware that the Fed Bank is not owned by the American people, but by sinister elite foreign landlords. Another disturbing element of the Act is that the Fed Bank is not answerable to USA government or the American people as they are led to believe. This allows the Fed to print new money without a gold reserve to support it, which devalues the American dollar and forces the puppet President to trick the American people to repay multi-trillion dollars of debts owed to the Fed.
How can the mighty USA survive as a super power with all national debt of $130 trillion dollars. So the American people must act to save their economic, social and democratic future now.
The Federal Reserve Act is the most sinister financial scam that forces Americans to suffer economic hardship. Valerie J. Elly urges all Americans and global citizens to come together and join the Western Spring Revolution by learning more at http://www.WesternSpringRevolution.Com.
One primary aim will be to stop the sinister global carbon tax scams which are another sinister financial strategy by the ruling elite class to enslave the world as their mindless debt slaves.
So if your gullible political leaders are forcing a carbon tax down your nation’s throat based on the lie of saving the planet, you must get rid of them before this sinister global tax scam is entrenched into every fabric of your society.
Global warming is real. But it is the result of natural factors like the sun spots on the sun and not caused by man-made carbon dioxide pollution as we are led to believe by the elite ruling class, so that they could unethically tax us for everything that we make and consume for generations to come. And because it will be law, we will have to pay the sinister taxes forever or suffer the legal consequences.
We must not give our sinister governments this erroneous right to tax us forever.
Valerie J. Elly is only the messenger, and says that it is up to the American people and the Western World to decide if our economic future and freedom are worth fighting for.