Bacardi Limited: Canada’s Leading Company in More Eco-Friendly Production

Bacardi Canada is being recognized as Canada’s very first corporation to change a full line of its products to more eco-friendly packaging materials.

Online PR News – 23-March-2010 – – While businesses and companies around the world are striving to find more recyclable, reusable, and generally more Earth-friendly modes of production and distribution, Bacardi Canada is being recognized as Canada’s very first corporation to change a full line of its products to more eco-friendly packaging materials.

Leading a More Responsible Corporate World

Bacardi Canada has dedicated its most recent efforts to minimizing the company’s harmful carbon impact. The “Bacardi Breezers” line of cocktails will be packaged with a new form of Earth-friendly materials. Instead of continuing their process of bottling the fizzy, carbonated Bacardi Breezer cocktails into glass bottles, the Bacardi environment dedication translates into energy-efficient plastic options will help to reduce the company’s carbon emissions.

Specifically, the Bacardi Breezers line of beverages will be bottled and shipped in a form of plastic known as PET. According to studies and calculations from the Liquor Control Board of Canada, PET, a form of plastic made from polyethylene terephthalate, helps to cut back on wastes by greater than 90 percent! In examining the impact of PET containers on the Bacardi company alone, leaders estimate that the new packaging for Breezers will reduce the company’s overall carbon emissions by more than 20 percent.

Bacardi Canada is being regarded as the first company in Canada to implement such a major production change, and the Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s coordinator of media relations, Chris Layton, has publically recognized the company’s leading example. As Layton proclaimed, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario encourages and hopes that even more companies will follow in Bacardi’s Earth-friendly footsteps.

The Added Perks to the Earth-Friendly Changes

While the Bacardi environment commitment will benefit from a smaller carbon footprint and reduced quantities of harmful wastes, leaders of the company are also celebrating some of the smaller positive perks to this change as well. Specifically, as many consumers of Bacardi Breezers may prefer to enjoy their beverages in outdoor areas, the new plastic packaging can be safely permitted in more outdoor venues, gatherings, and locations. As glass has generally been banned at most outdoor facilities, the plastic bottles allow for greater overall convenience.

Additionally, the plastic bottles happen to be much lighter than the glass bottles; therefore, the distribution of Bacardi Breezers to vendors in an array of locations will also be more convenient.

To find the newly packaged line of Breezer beverages, consumers won’t need to search for a wild and new design. The company has kept the general appearance of the PET bottles reminiscent of the traditional glass version. With the same “champagne” like shape and popular flavors, consumers will have no trouble distinguishing this powerful—and “greener”—change.