Bacardi Reduces its Carbon Footprint with Green Bottles

With eco-friendly efforts becoming increasingly popular, many companies are striving to find new and innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Online PR News – 23-March-2010 – – With eco-friendly efforts becoming increasingly popular, many companies are striving to find new and innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Most recently, the Bacardi Limited company has reportedly found a clever technique for reducing their harmful wastes.

How Bacardi Limited is “Going Green”

A popular spirits-based company for nearly 150 years, Bacardi Limited is an international distributor of a variety of alcohol beverages and cocktails. With award winning flavors of rum, whiskey, vodka, and an array of other refreshments, the Bacardi Limited company is the largest privately owned alcohol-based manufacturer of products in the world.

The team has implemented the Bacardi environment commitment through a “greener” approach to business, switching from glass to plastic bottles. Specifically, Bacardi Canada will now be using a polyethylene terephthalate form of plastic when bottling their line of carbonated “Breezer” beverages. Although the company has historically used glass bottles for over 20 years, since 1988 in fact, the new a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic material will provide consumers with an eco-friendly benefit as they enjoy one of the company’s most favored products.

The PET Bacardi Breezer Benefits

Leaders of this new eco-friendly shift in packaging have voiced numerous benefits and perks to this change. Foremost, the PET plastic bottles are lighter, and with lighter packaging, transporting shipments of the product becomes even more energy efficient. Furthermore, the lighter bottles allow for general distribution to be conducted with greater convenience and ease.

Adding to this, Dale Harrison, the materials sourcing leader, asserts that the plastic bottles allow for greater convenience for individuals opting to enjoy their Breezers outdoors, as the previously used glass bottles are generally banned in outdoor facilities.

Notably, as Harrison further proclaims, Bacardi Canada is the premier company in its country and line of business that has dedicated itself to switching an entire line of products to this more eco-friendly adjustment.

The Benefits of the Bacardi Breezer Packaging Shift

According to projections, by switching Bacardi Breezers to the PET plastic packaging, the Liquor Control Board of Canada, also known as the LCBC, projects that the company will be able to significantly reduce its waste. Specifically, the LCBC estimates that PET plastic materials and containers result in a reduction of waste by more than 90 percent!

Best of all, the popular company will allow consumers to continue to enjoy the same taste and appearance of the previously bottled Breezer products. With a traditional shape to its bottle, often described as a “champagne” form, the PET bottles will evoke a similar look to its predecessor. Overall, this seemingly tiny change will allow the Bacardi environment commitment to benefit from a total reduction in carbon waste by approximately 22 percent! Leaders of the Bacardi Limited company are confident and optimistic that larger and more extensive changes can gradually be made to further these incredible Earth-friendly developments.