Executive to Speak at TriMega's National Conference
10/10/2012's Vice President of Marketing is presenting a seminar on local Internet marketing for office products dealers.

Online PR News – 10-October-2012 – Hillsboro, OR – HILLSBORO, OR (October 4, 2012)-, one of the nation's leading Internet retailers, is sending one of its top executives to TriMega's National Convention, Propel. Jeff McRitchie, Vice-President of Marketing, will represent the company at the Orlando conference in mid-October. His seminar will offer tips on how to grow an online business using free web tools.
"Speaking at the TriMega Conference is an exciting honor," said McRitchie. "This convention gives us a great chance to network as well as connect with trade show vendors in person.”
McRitchie's presentation is titled “Tips to Propel Your Online Business using Free Web Tools” and is designed to help businesses grow. Earlier this year he gave a webinar for TriMega members along these same lines which gave a brief look at how to optimize various listings. His Propel talk will expound on this topic with a real-life case study for an true look at how well these tips work.
“Several of these free strategies are so simple yet very effective,” McRitchie stated. “Many local businesses in any area could highly benefit from the knowledge delivered in this presentation”

McRitchie started the website from scratch nearly ten years ago and has helped it expand into one of the fastest growing private companies in the US. He is an expert at finding ways to creatively advertise and specializes in Internet marketing and SEO. McRitchie has donated his time to help a number of small, local businesses and has had the opportunity to speak at other industry conferences.

TriMega organizes an annual convention to bring together its dealers and suppliers. The dealer-driven association formed to aid mid-sized businesses in producing and distributing quality marketing materials and negotiate purchasing power by banding together. They host regional and national events designed to maximize information sharing and networking. TriMega also provides education at industry activities. Their roster includes over 600 members in a variety of segments with representatives in almost every state. has been a TriMega member for several years and attended a few of their events. McRitchie is looking forward to partnering even more in the future with other seminars.

“Small business Internet marketing is only a sliver of what I do and what I've learned over the years as VP of Marketing,” said McRitchie. “I'm looking forward to offering more helpful talks in the future on a variety of topics.” is a division of Information Management Services, LLC. The company is based in Hillsboro, Oregon, and offers the Internet's largest selection of binding equipment, laminators, and document finishing devices and supplies. For more information, they can be reached at 1-800-944-4573. Their blog, located at, also contains information about the company and the products they sell.