North Carolina Author Kickstart's Book Project

Crowdfunding has become a popular way to fund a creative project, so when Sanford, NC, author, Karen Matthews, decided to self-publish her Legend of Lizard Lick children's book, she chose kickstarter. If you're a proponent of children's literacy, consider making a donation.

Online PR News – 09-October-2012 – Sanford, NC – What young child doesn't love frogs and lizards? If you think it's just little boys, think again. It's just something about these little jumping and scurrying creatures that lures you in--makes you want to follow them, or pick them up. That's what Sanford, NC, author, Karen Matthews, hopes to do in her new children's book, "The Legend of Lizard Lick"--to lure the children to read and develop their reading skills.

Karen is self-publishing the book on createspace, a division of, and has created a fanciful world of lizards and frogs in an attempt to explain how the tiny North Carolina crossroads community of Lizard Lick got its name. It has something to do with frogs and lizards squabbling over the precious water they share that is drying up during the great drought. You see, Lizard Lick, gets its name because of the way they are able to resolve their differences. At least that's the story she's telling (the real version of the story has something to do with lizards licking liquour on a fence--not something grandpa can tell the kids).

To make a long story short, Karen is asking the public to join her in her quest to lure children to read by helping her to fund her Legend of Lizard Lick Children's Book Project. If you'd like to donate, check out the online donation page at