New Product Launch: AsiaCalculator : easier import costing for international Buyers

AsiaCalculator is an online tool offering full import costing (freight & duties) instantly and easily for Importers buying from Asia.
Combining a unique import costs calculation web interface with a strong team of international experts in Asian business, AsiaCalculator has been launched in 2009 as a sister service of AsiaInspection, the pioneer for Quality Control online services.

Online PR News – 30-June-2009 – – asiacalculator: Easier import costing ! ™

AsiaCalculator is a cutting-edge web service dedicated to international Importers working with Asia.
AsiaCalculator allows international Buyers to :

- Get easily and instantly full import costing (freight + duties) online
- Invite their current freight forwarders to connect for free, and manage freight quotes online
- Compare freight costs and connect with new freight forwarders
- Get applicable custom duties instantly
- Manage securely import costing files within their company, including stats and access rights setting

Managing freight costs easily

AsiaCalculator offers a complete management tool for freight quotations; Importers can :
- invite their existing freight forwarders to connect on the platform so they can share freight quotes privately
- access public quotes from other carefully selected and rated freight forwarders, for comparison or sourcing purposes

On the Forwarders’ side, AsiaCalculator brings a unique tool to receive qualified business leads: as soon as an Importer checks on a freight quotation, the related forwarder receives full details of the request, including contact details.

Bringing the best of internet capabilities to Importers

The AsiaCalculator concept comes from the observation that Importers (and more specifically importing SMEs), have not yet been serviced with tailor-made, easy-to-use online solutions for their business needs. They have remained relatively untouched by the recent trend towards web hosted services (or “services as a software”).
AsiaCalculator provides an easy solution to a specific business need : calculating and optimizing the cost of import projects, for accurate and aggressive commercial quotations.
Once registered, Importers access a simple yet complete interface for import cost calculation, including freight costs, custom duties, and any other costs they might include, in 6 currencies. Calculations files are stored securely (SSL protocol is used) and can be shared with other company’s users, through an access rights setup.
Hosting this solution on an online platform brings all the advantages of the internet: the solution is accessible from any computer anytime, secure and shareable, easy to implement (no software installation) and use (flexible subscription pricing plans).

The team

AsiaCalculator has been designed and launched by a team of international experts in Asian business, responsible for the success of the AsiaInspection service – the leading online provider for Quality Control in Asia (3000+ clients from 100 countries).
AsiaCalculator is headquartered in Hong Kong.

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