Proverbs 31 Enters 21st Century Conversations

Newly released book is a thought provoking must-read for women on every point of the religious, political and socio-economic spectrum.

Online PR News – 09-October-2012 – Westerville, OH – Author Paula Penn-Nabrit’s newly released work, The Power of a Virtuous Woman, is already garnering overwhelmingly positive reviews as an excellent, sometimes incendiary, conversation starter and perfect book club read.

Every good Christian, most womanists and even some feminists have discussed Proverbs 31. But who knew it was all Solomon’s notes from his mother Bathsheba’s oracle? Or that the first nine verses were about his own conduct? Sure, Bible scholars knew, but The Power of a Virtuous Woman isn’t for scholars, it’s for regular, everyday sisters.

The Power of a Virtuous Woman examines Proverbs 31 from beginning to end with hard, thought-provoking questions. Like, how can a woman be both powerful and submissive? Or how did David’s relationship with Bathsheba shape her relationship with their son Solomon? And exactly how did Bathsheba get Solomon to listen to her when he was already grown? What about boundaries?

The Power of a Virtuous Woman explores ancient conversations about gender, power, submission, obedience and sacrifice. Questions at the end of each chapter beg for answers and analysis—and may elicit anger—but Penn-Nabrit’s authoritative collection of tried and true teachings provide practical, Titus 2 applications for everyday living in the 21st century.

The Power of a Virtuous Woman invites readers on a spiritual path that illuminates the mysteries of faith-based marriage and motherhood while providing wisdom and fortitude to activate inner strength, even in the face of doubt and disbelief. The requirement to think and respond honestly about life choices and how they affect the lives of loved ones makes The Power of a Virtuous Woman an ideal choice both for small group discussions and women’s ministry.

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Paula Penn-Nabrit is 58 and still challenged by the struggle between power and submission. She married in 1976 and after law school helped raise and homeschool three sons- first while working on AT&T’s divestiture, then at PN&A, Inc., the consulting firm she started in 1986. Paula’s authored several books, lectured extensively across the U.S., Europe and Asia-and teaches Sunday School.

Title: The Power of a Virtuous Woman
Author: Paula Penn-Nabrit
Published date: June 2012
ISBN-13: 978-0615610740
Publisher: Telos Training, Inc.