Tartan Rock Delves into the Historical, Archaeological, Geographical & Natural History of Scotland

Tartan Rock have adopted a historical theme for the arrival of a range of new Scottish memorabilia, a wide selection of maps.

Online PR News – 09-October-2012 – Glasgow/Scotland – These hand-drawn ink maps are designed by a talented Scottish cartographer in the Highlands of Scotland and are printed on high quality parchment paper. Place names in some of the maps are labelled in Gaelic, the traditional language of the Gaels, ancient inhabitants of Ireland and parts of the Highlands of Scotland. Many of these names cannot be found in guidebooks or Gaelic dictionaries, giving these maps a uniqueness not seen in many nowadays.

Tallat Haq, owner of the site says ‘These maps are incredibly detailed with images of local flowers and birds and other fascinating facts on the maps and showcase the diverse richness of a fascinating country from the highlands to the lowlands and it's islands’.

The map of the Great Glen shows a large geological fault known as the Great Glen Fault. The highest mountain and deepest lake in the UK are located here. The map of Orkney has the names of the birds shown not only in latin but also in local name given to them. There are even maps in Gaelic only. The map of Mull and Iona combined show the native birds and flowers and both have the names in latin as well as the local name given to them.

Scotland is such a rich historical country and the choice of maps available are so fantastic. http://www.tartanrock.com/scotmap.htm and http://www.tartanrock.co.uk/scotmap.htm