Renewable Off Grid Energy: New Green Energy Technology Powers Small Cabins, Power Hub 1800

Residential green energy systems are becoming very popular in the tiny house movement. The ability to have off grid energy generation is a welcomed addition for those who have chosen to live in the tiny house society.

Online PR News – 09-October-2012 – Saint Louis MO – The arrival of the Power Hub 1800 Solar Power Home System “Could not have come at a better time. The rising cost of energy, the threat of the power grid collapsing has people looking for alternative ways to power their small cabins and tiny houses.” Said Eric, the webmaster of Small Cabin Plans Online.

Not only is the Power Hub 1800 a great portable renewable energy system for novices or the experienced in green energy systems the solar power information guide is easy to read and will walk you through the set up of the Power Hub 1800 to maximize the green energy out put to help you save money on your electric bill.

Eric the webmaster of Small Cabin Plans Online says “In Small Cabin Plans Online opinion the POWER HUB 1800 solar power home system is the best portable green energy system out there. If you're interested in building a renewable solar energy system for your small cabin or tiny house to produce your own electricity.”

For those of you who are skeptical that the POWER HUB 1800 will get lost in the murky underbelly of green energy technology systems that never updates their off grid energy information Then POWER HUB 1800 is the portable solar power system for you, Updates are posted when necessary.

If you are concerned about the on coming economic crisis, and the possibility of hyperinflation and are looking for a way to cut your utility bill in half then Power Hub 1800 Portable Off Grid Energy System is the green energy generator for you.

The POWER HUB 1800 is a definite must if you are a newbie to the green energy technology and are looking for easy to read renewable energy system information then this residential solar power system is what the tiny house movement has been looking for.