North County Audiology Supports Oticon’s “Pink with a Purpose” Campaign for Breast Cancer Research

San Diego hearing aids dispenser, North County Audiology commits their support to help raise funds for breast cancer research by offering free hearing screening and no-cost trial of the Oticon “Think Pink” hearing aids.

Online PR News – 09-October-2012 – San Diego, CA – October 2, 2012 (San Diego, CA) – Audiologist San Diego hearing aids dispenser, North County Audiology commits their support to help raise funds for breast cancer research by offering free hearing screening and no-cost trial of the Oticon “Think Pink” hearing aids.Dr. Kenneth Podlenski of North County Audiology, a San Diego hearing aids dispenser, will participate in the national “Pink with a Purpose” campaign to help raise funds for breast cancer research. During the month of October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, North County Audiology,, will be offering FREE hearing screenings and no-cost trials with Oticon hearing aid devices. Oticon, a leading hearing aid manufacturer, will be donating a portion of its September and October sales of the special edition Intiga “Think Pink” hearing aid and all Intiga hearing devices to the National Breast Cancer Coalition to support breast cancer research. The National Breast Cancer Foundation estimates that each year over 200,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed.

“Everyone knows someone – a mother, daughter, sister, grandmother or friends who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.” says Dr. Kenneth Podlenski, Au.D, owner and audiologist of North County Audiology in San Diego. “By participating in this unique program, we’re able to help find a cure for breast cancer, and at the same time, combine our commitment to improve the hearing health of people in the San Diego community.”

Intiga is one of the world’s smallest wireless hearing aid instruments. Hearing aid users especially appreciate Intiga’s ultra-small, organic shape that hides well behind the ear. The almost invisible receiver wire and ergonomically shaped speaker ensure that the hearing aid device fits comfortably and stays in place throughout the entire day. Bluetooth capabilities allow Intiga to connect wirelessly to cell phones and other entertainment devices, becoming a virtual hands-free headset.

In addition to the special Think Pink hearing aids, Oticon Intiga is available in 13 colors ranging from subtle shades that blend to complement natural skin and hair tones to more vibrant contemporary colors. Intiga is suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, more than 80% of hearing losses experienced by first-time users.

To join North County Audiology and countless others in supporting breast cancer research, take part in Oticon’s “Pink with a Purpose” campaign by logging onto and sharing the awareness-building posts with friends and family.

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About North County Audiology:
Established in 1990, North County Audiology is San Diego’s premiere hearing care center, offering expertise in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hearing problems. North County Audiology assists in rehabilitative services for patients with hearing impairments, including the fitting and dispensing of hearing aid devices, offering custom hearing protection, swim plugs, as well as a full line of assistive listening devices. In addition, we work with musicians and offer devices to protect hearing during rehearsals and performances, and custom molds for universal monitors as well as offering custom monitors.

Kenneth Podlenski, Doctor of Audiology, graduated from the University of Florida. He completed his clinical first year at the San Diego VA Hospital. After leaving the VA Hospital, Dr. Podlenski worked at the Hearing and Balance Center in Kearny Mesa before joining North County Audiology. Dr. Podlenski is passionate about the field of hearing healthcare and specializes in clinical audiology and working with patients to develop appropriate hearing solutions. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and is Board Certified in Audiology.

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