LED Post Top Lamp Kit for Decorative Pole Lights, Newly Eligible for Rebate Programs

LED Post Top Lamp Kit eligibility for rebate programs lowers the first cost of the fixture resulting in a reduction in the payback period thus, lowering the total cost of ownership.

Online PR News – 09-October-2012 – Glens Falls, NY – Metro LED Lighting announced today that the IntenCity Lighting’s LED Post Top Lamp Kit (PTLK) has been listed by the DesignLights ™ Consortium and is eligible for rebate programs by many utilities and other agencies.

The LED Post Top Lamp Kit is a replacement LED light engine for legacy high intensity discharge (HID) lamps, such as metal halide bulbs (MH), or high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps used in acorn decorative pole lamps or other types of pole lights. These pole fixtures are extensively used in historic districts street lighting, as walkway lighting, in universities, campuses and schools, or in many municipal lighting applications.

The DesignLights Consortium (DLC), though it's Qualified Products List, compiles an inventory of LED outdoor lighting products that meet the requirements for rebates by many utilities, and other programs. The DLC list identifies energy efficient LED lighting that fulfills the requirements of property owners and managers for an outdoor lighting product meeting standards for light output, product testing, and LED lifetimes.

An LED fixture to be listed as a DLC qualified product has to meet minimum standards, and be tested by an independent lab in conformance with Institute of Illuminating Engineers (IES) procedures. Utilities and other organizations that grant LED lighting rebates use the DLC list as the first qualifying standard to apply for many outdoor lighting project rebates.

Rebates programs and incentives are available from many electric utilities and other state agencies. These programs makes the transition from legacy lighting systems such as metal halide (MH), and high pressure sodium (HPS) to outdoor LED lighting more cost effective, and reduces the out-of-pocket costs for property owners.

A set of ten 60 watt IntenCity LED Post Top Lamp Kits replacing a legacy 150 watt metal halide (MH) decorative pole lamp can result in electricity savings of $691 in the first year (at 15 cents/ kilowatt hour and 12 hours of operation per day). In this scenario, a rebate of $100 results in the overall payback being reduced by 10 months, to 1 year 4 months. Additionally, over a ten year period, the cost of the LED Post Top lighting will be $19,063 less than the legacy high intensity discharge (HID) lights, due to reduction in operating and maintenance costs.

The availability of rebates improves the economics of these fixtures substantially, and along with lower operating costs, results in an efficient and lower maintenance outdoor decorative lighting system. The IntenCity Lighting LED Post Top Lamp Kit (PTK) is available for immediate ordering, and can be adapted to many types of decorative lamp posts and pole fitters, ranging from contemporary style lanterns to historic cast iron poles, prevalent in many communities. Custom services are available to integrate the post top lamp, fitter, poles, and globes into a ready to install LED lighting fixture.

Metro LED Lighting are experts in LED core technologies, outdoor lighting engineering and design, life-cycle economic analysis, and how to build outdoor lighting systems that perform well in commercial or institutional settings. Metro is constantly investigating and analyzing LED fixtures that meet commercial, municipal, and institutional requirements for reliable, high performance and that are at the lowest cost of ownership for outdoor lighting. Metro LED Lighting builds product partnerships with innovative and inventive solid-state lighting companies that bring superior product benefits to our Clients and address the needs of property owners for better and more efficient lighting.

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