Plastic Injection Molding Company, C&J Industries, Deploys Rapid Prototyping For Quick Turnaround

C& J Industries’ recent launch of stereolithography technology shortens the product design and development cycle for plastic injection molding parts, giving customers results in hours – not days -- and an edge on their competition.

Online PR News – 31-December-2008 – – MEADVILLE, PA -- C&J Industries, a premier custom plastics manufacturer and plastic injection molding company, now offers customers the ability to see their design and sample parts in just a few hours thanks to stereolithography, or SLA, a rapid printing process used to create three-dimensional objects from CAD drawings.

The Eden 250 ultra-thin printing system is capable of producing a prototypical plastic part using even the most precise technical specifications to produce a 3D sample of the final product. For customers, that means quicker design time, decreased cost, and the opportunity to bring their injection molding product to the market in record time.

The prototype may not be made of the same material as the final product will be, but it allows customers to see it, touch it, and experience it in 3D to be sure it’s the direction they want to go in before full production.

“What’s important is that we can turn a CAD idea into a physical object – a sample part – quickly, without going through the entire production cycle," said C&J Industries Director of Engineering, Eric Sharman. ( "So the prototype can then be tested for proper form and fit, and with some materials the customer can even be sure that the final piece will function as originally intended."

Because there is no need to go through the longer process of building an injection mold that would be the final piece, customers can assess where the part’s design may need adjustment to function as intended.

Sharman is quick to point out that other plastic injection molding companies may offer one or the other: either rapid prototyping or full production, but not both.

“Companies need to look at whether the manufacturer they are considering doing business with offers both benefits -- rapid prototyping and full production. That’s where C&J Industries is making inroads because we do both, on site, and within the customers’ timetable,” Sharman said.

About C&J Industries: C&J Industries ( is a plastic injection molding company offering product design and development services, tooling services, material processing, and contract manufacturing at competitive prices.

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