Google Caffeine 'Under Hood' Updates Visible is Your Website Caffeinated?

Google search result changes becoming more visible leading to belief that the Caffeine full launch can't be far behind.

Online PR News – 22-March-2010 – – Based on recent Internet SEO comparisons Google Caffeine appears to be implementing many of their 'under the hood' enhancements. Additionally, Google Caffeine 'outside the hood' sightings have become more frequent leading to speculation that the Caffeine full launch is nearing. Which raises the question- Is your website and/or Social Media marketing effort ready to take advantage of the many benefits of Google Caffeine?

SEO Internet Marketing firm Irbtrax has concluded based on recent studies that many of Googles 'under the hood' enhancements appear to have been implemented. Studies that compared Search Engine Results Pages, number of available queries and the page rankings of several websites. According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir-

"While Google Caffeine is not a ranking algorithm inevitably some websites will be effected. This can be perceived as a positive development because the goal of Caffeine is to enhance user search experience by returning better quality SERP's. This in turn should cause businesses to pay closer attention to mutual factors that will ultimately benefit their visitors."

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Irbtrax points to the following closely monitored elements as proof that Caffeine is being slowly implemented:

- Fluid Search Engine Results Pages that place greater emphasis on relevancy and accuracy
- Visible ranking changes, both increases and decreases, for some of the effected websites
- Significant decrease in number of total indexes for particular key search phrases on the order of 30% or more.

In one instance the indexes for a keyword search phrase has dropped from 818 million to 549 million. In another instance the total number of indexes dropped from 49 million to about 27 million. All in the matter of a month. This would appear to reflect an emphasis on decreasing redundancy, improving relevancy and increasing accuracy. Accuracy, Relevancy, Efficiency, and Sufficiency are believed to be the four basic elements that encompass Caffeine. In addition to a greater emphasis on 'Real Time' search.

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