The Unlocking Company Held a Seminar on Mobile Phone Unlocking Methods and their Validations

Moving to a new mobile network may involve unlocking the mobile phone. The Unlocking Company provides solutions.

Online PR News – 09-October-2012 – California – California, USA, October 8, 2012- Moving to a new mobile network may involve unlocking the mobile phone. But, majority of the mobile phone owners refrain from taking up mobile phone unlocking as a solution to render them freedom to move to any mobile network of their choice in fear of losing warranty and all technical support from the concerned mobile phone manufacturing company.

A seminar on the validation of this solution, conducted by The Unlocking Company, was held in a city hotel. The speakers at the seminar explained how Digital Millennium Copyright Act 2009 (DMCA) gave the GSM mobile phone users the right to unlock their cell phones and access to any network of their choice legally.

“Network exclusivity can never be forced upon, but an option for the users, and must be combined with cost-saving and application-rich features,” opined Mr. John Michael, the CEO of The Unlocking Company (

Get hold of cell phone unlock codes or clip and cabling solutions to unlock cell phone, but make sure that right code for the make and model has been provided while asked to input into the phone to free it from the network exclusivity. It will allow their owners to use any network SIM card on the cell phone.

“Owners can do the job on their own by following our instructions provided via online support team,” said Mr. Michael.

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