Launches Improved Claim Scrubber That Reveals Allowed Codes, Modifiers as You Type

The improved CMS-1500 Scrubber offers quick-start features with Optional Patient Demographic Fields that save work time.

Online PR News – 09-October-2012 – Durhan/NC – On October 1, 2012, unveiled its new and improved CMS-1500 Real-Time Scrubber that shows allowed codes and modifiers as you type, and helps you find your errors as you go. The SuperCoder team introduced this new scrubber after listening to subscribers’ concerns.

The new Scrubber does the same things the current one does and adds top-requested items like a quick-start feature with optional patient demographic entries that takes you straight to code combo checking, CPT® concept checking that goes beyond CCI to reveal disallowed combos per AMA, Physician Fee Schedule code status errors that alert the coder to non-billable Medicare combinations, and Modifier crosswalk to check for proper usage of modifier 24, 25, 59. The tool also includes Medical Necessity verification against LCD, NCD, and ICD-9 CrossRef featuring private payer top reported diagnoses.

“These benefits are available for our current subscribers without any added expense. They will automatically access the new product and no action is needed on their part. They just need to go to the tool’s regular page to enjoy the benefits of this new scrubber,” says Jennifer Godreau, Director of Developments & Operations – adding, “The scrubber is much faster than commercial claims scrubbers and cheaper than our competitors’ claims scrubbers.”

The tool also guides coders and billers through claim checking with color-coded messages written by The Coding Institute education experts that make actions clear along with AMA, CMS and carrier rules’ guidance in one place. “We offer a product Trial so clients can test drive the new Scrubber and share their feedback,” informs Godreau.

Commenting on the advantage of this power scrubber, Godreau says, “For complete claim checking, coders and billers need a weapon that combines CCI with the logics of the Physician Fee Schedule, CPT® concepts, LCDs, and more. CMS-1500 Real-Time Scrubber rolls them all in one tool.”