Online Ear Trining Firms Witnessing Boom In Business

Online Ear Trining Firms Witnessing Boom In Business

Online PR News – 08-October-2012 – usa – The online ear training service providers are seeing a boom in business. Musical ear training is very important in sharpening the faculties of the inner ear to hear
accurately and identify musical elements in faculties of reading, listening or thinking. It has been proved that ear training sharpens skills in instruments such as
violin, guitar, piano and fine tunes the performance of songwriters, composers and singers.

Recently, UK-based Music education technology company Easy Ear Training was selected to join the Accelerator Academy to groom its team and business for developing the
next generation of innovative aural skills products targeted for musicians. The is a leading online resource for ear training.

Easy Ear Training Ltd develops mobile apps and other digital products to make learning of essential listening skills in music easy, fun filled and effective.

Easy Ear Training is aimed at helping artists realize their full musical potential, with its range of popular IOS applications to teach core musical listening skills
such as the “Relative Pitch” application that is required for recognizing different intervals used in music.

According to the company spokesman, the Easy Ear Training can dramatically enhance the process of learning music for musicians and music enthusiasts worldwide.

“With our track record in developing innovative educational products for musicians, we hope our next generation training products will see a wider market appeal as we
have the backing of the Accelerator Academy”, he added.

Ear training is now mandatory in the music program of many colleges and universities. Online ear training seeks the outcome of ‘perfect pitch’ , which is the special
sense to accurately identify the pitch of a music.

Compared to perfect pitch, relative pitch is something easy to attain. A keen listener can sense the difference between higher and lower notes. For that he must have
attained the skill of relative pitch. More information on pitch development can be had from online music magazines and websites, which are rich in information about
ear training related courses.

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