ASDF Awards Verification Committee Visits SV University, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh

ASDF Awards Verification Committee visited Sri Venkateswara University at Tirupathi for evaluating a nominee of MBA; Team headed by Dr. K. Kokula Krishna Hari and 2 other people from the ASDF Team for the title of Best Academic Researcher of the year 2012.

Online PR News – 08-October-2012 – Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh – The Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties a registered body under Government of Puducherry (Formerly Pondicherry) has constituted awards for recognizing the people contributing for research and social-economic development at micro level for the past two years of its inception. In the span of the said two years more than 50 people have been recognized based on their research and their administrative experience. The intention which the ASDF was initiated was that to just bring inline the people from various Academic, Industry and Scientific Bodies. The real purpose is solved exclusively in the dates from which it has been incepted.

As of August, 2012 ASDF globally had 3,33,333 members spread in all the verticals of Engineering, Management and Arts and Science with the major streams of Computer Science, Marketing, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics and Communication, Telecommunication and Electricals which is not delimited to the same. To foster the relationship between the Master Engineering and Readdressed Engineering loads of interactive services are initiated which includes Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Faculty Development Programmes and Special Development Programmes. With the span of 2 years, ASDF has sponsored more than 200 conferences with Harvard Business School, University of Hawaii, University of Nairobi, University of Kenya and many other top most universities of the span. Now in association with University of Sfax an International Conference is organized at India.

Notwithstanding to say people to pursue research without any recognition is simply a loss of energy. ASDF has pioneered to start a new way of encouragement in the year of 2011 for recognizing the people and presenting them with the awards at micro level with an open call for the nominations without any financials involved except the registration fee of 1$ or Rs. 55. By this, ASDF is particular and confident that the inner potentials of the individuals can be explored very well without any hindrance to exhibit about themselves. The call for nomination was circulated globally and around 4,765 nominations were received for 18 different titles including Best Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Best Chief Operating Officer (COO), Best Academic Researcher, Best Professor, Best Industry Researcher, Best Scientific Researcher, Best ASDF Student Member, Best Computer Science Faculty and many such exploring the potential indepth with the inline to the Techno Forum Group global insight.

We had various levels of evaluation including Phase 0, Phase 1 and Phase 2 with the different criteria and have finalized to a total number of 47 cumulative for the 18 award titles. On the account of Phase 3 evaluation scheme and accordance to the policy of the Awards Ceremony a committee or team will be framed to evaluate the individual in all the aspects which is 360 degree from their superior authorities, colleagues, friends, sub-ordinates and the entire angle corresponding to the individual. Today, a two member jury committee came down from Pondicherry headed by Dr. K. Kokula Krishna Hari, Founding President of Techno Forum Group and Country Head of the operations of Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties to ascertain the eligibility and deserving capacity of Mr. Shaik Mahaboob Syed, a potential Research Scholar of SV University and founder of Bizhome a Social Service Organization based out at Tirupathi. The committee as a part of the ascertaining discussed with Prof. Dr. D. V. Ramana, HOD, Department of Management Studies, SV University, Prof. P. Balaji Prasad to whom Mr. Syed is directly reporting to and various other parts of the University to find the quality of the nominee.

The committee has clearly mentioned that the results of the same evaluation will be declared at Pondicherry on 30th December, 2012 at Hotel Accord, Puducherry in the presence of the Chief Minister of Puducherry, Dr. Baldev Raj, Former Director of IGCAR and Present President of PSG Institutions, Coimbatore and more respected dignitaries.