Kenneth Gauss Races at Joliet Autobahn with 24 Hour of Lemons

Team 36dd, participates in it's 9th 24 Hour of Lemons race with Kenneth Gauss as a driver.

Online PR News – 08-October-2012 – North Aurora/Illiinois – Kenneth Gauss will be driving for team 36dd at the October 13-14, 2012 24 Hour of Lemons race at the Joliet Autobahn. This will be 36dd's 9th race with Ken Gauss driving in 5 previous races. The team is greatly anticipating this race as they have resolved previous fuel distribution problems and anticipate fast, consistent laps. The team members are seasoned racers and anticipate a clean race. Previous races have had problems with Black Flags, Kenneth Gauss says "these issues have been resolved and does not anticipate any future penalties". The 24 Hour of Lemons format is two eight hour enduros held over consecutive days. Teams purchase cars with a $500 maximum budget for the race-car. Unlimited funds are spent on safety equipment such as: roll-cage, seat, harness, driver suits, helmet. Team 36dd anticipates their best finish ever, hoping to break into the top 10.