Proclean Launches New Website to Complement its Current and Future Expansion

An overview of the features of the new website offered by Proclean.

Online PR News – 06-October-2012 – Doncaster, South Yorkshire – Proclean Carpet has launched a brand-new website, to complement them during their current and future expansion. The new website has an increased focus on the user interface, making it much easier for users to navigate the website. The new user-friendly website is certainly something that can help the company to Garner more business online, and make it easy for their customers to find their products and services. The new website also gives a great deal of information relating to the expanded range of services that the company is now offering. Prior to this, the company had one page which detailed in small amounts, each of the services that they provide. Now, the company has a website that has a separate page for each of their services, providing in-depth information about the variety of different services that they offer.

Also included on the website is a blog or news page, which has a variety of hints and tips that you can take into consideration for caring for your carpet. The company is dedicated to helping consumers to take care of their carpet, and to practice proper carpet care, in order to get the most out of their investment. Because of the new structure of the website, Proclean Carpet is going to be able to easily expand their website along with a number of services that they offer.

"As the owner of Proclean I am proud of our new website," said Mr Jake Vanoorschot, Senior technician and owner.

The new website makes it is easy as possible for users to find the service that they are looking for, and learn more about the services that Proclean Carpet offers, relating to it. Prior to the restructuring of the website, it would take several different clicks, and be very hard to navigate to some of the smaller service pages on the website. The new redesign, means that you only have to make one click on the webpage in order to get to any of the services that Proclean Carpet provides. This is a much simpler interface, and is professionally designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Among the services that the company offers, some of their more popular services include basic Carpet cleaning Doncaster, the cleaning up upholstery and other materials, Rug cleaning Doncaster, leather cleaning and replenishing, curtain cleaning, stain removal from carpets and other flooring surfaces, mobile car valet, and also driveway cleaning to ensure that your home looks as great as possible. The website also features a number of different testimonials from previous clients that the company has had, giving you a good idea of the level of service that they have been able to provide to other customers.

Proclean Carpet is the premier carpet and surface cleaning company, providing excellent services at a price that is affordable. Their new website shows the dedication that the company has to making things as easy on the customers possible, and ensuring that their customers can easily and effectively find all services that they provide on their website, without having to work against the system.