West Valley Counseling Center, counseling services in San Fernando Valley, Launches Refined Website
5 October 2012
Executive Director, Sharon Burnett, Ph.D., and her administrative staff recently made the crucial decision to revamp the Tarzana-based mental health center’s website to establish functionality and to serve as a form of interaction between visitors/clients and West Valley’s qualified staff. The website contains key features, including a “Meet Our Staff” page, which unveils WVCC’s professional and diverse staff who welcomes individuals from all walks of life, including counseling for traditional and non-traditional families. The “How We Help” page displays the great breadth of counseling services and educational and supportive services WVCC provides, whether it be addiction recovery and 12-step support, grief and loss, trauma recovery San Fernando Valley, families with special needs children, gay and lesbian individual and family counseling in Los Angeles, personal growth and well-being, or any other issue. This mental health center strives to provide affordable counseling in Tarzana and throughout the San Fernando Valley. West Valley Counseling Center strives to remain active through its new website with regular blog updates, fundraising activities, and a Question and Answer page. The self therapy questions and answers may be beneficial for individuals who want more information on mental health, therapy services, and more. Blog topics vary to include such subjects as understanding how to embrace difficult emotions, parents getting accustomed to juggling full-time work and newborns, and more. The Administrative Staff added a “Links and Resources” page that viewers can visit for helpful tools for cancer patients and families in LA, Encino, and Southern California, personal loss, childhood abuse and trauma, and more. In addition, a recommended reading list from West Valley Counseling Center’s licensed staff will soon be provided to the public. Equipped with a new website, the welcoming feel and aesthetic of West Valley Counseling Center is now able to be portrayed online. West Valley Counseling Center encourages the public to visit its website at http://www.westvalleycounseling.org for more information, to make an appointment, to check out the site’s new features, and to learn more about how to contribute with tax-deductible donations. West Valley Counseling Center believes that people should not be denied therapy due to financial constraints. This San Fernando-based Counseling Center provides affordable therapy and family counseling services and will work with clients to determine rates and/or payment schedules that fit each situation.