New Butterfly Wings and Flowers Available Soon From Bugs-n-Blooms

Bugs-N-Blooms introduces new arrivals to their extensive line of butterfly decorations and other garden-themed decor.

Online PR News – 05-October-2012 – Prosper, Texas – Prosper, Texas – Jennifer DeVol, owner of Bugs-n-Blooms, LLC, a company specializing in nylon butterfly wings and other nylon garden themed decor, is pleased to announce the introduction of new arrivals to their line of butterfly decor, as well as a shimmering addition to their garden related product line.

The newest additions, available in the near future, include a new butterfly design titled the “Mikayla” Butterfly, an updated Glitter Butterfly and a Shimmer Flower. The Mikayla butterfly is named after the owner’s second daughter, who created the design for the new nylon butterfly decorations. The Mikayla butterfly joins the family of nylon butterfly wings designed by DeVol’s older daughter, Hailey. The line of Hailey butterfly wings offered by Bugs-n-Blooms has been popular with customers since the butterfly style was introduced a year and a half ago.

As the name aptly indicates, the new Glitter butterfly is a nylon butterfly wing design that is adorned with bright and shiny glitter for added pizzazz. This new butterfly design joins a host of other styles, including the sparkle butterfly, swirls butterfly, jewel butterfly and twinkle butterfly decor. Likewise, the new Shimmer flower offers a fun and festive nylon flower design with a shimmering touch. All designs of nylon butterfly, flower, ladybug, dragonfly and bumblebee decor are available in a selection of whimsical color combinations and finishes. The designs can easily be used together or separately to create a beautiful, fun and feminine bedroom or playroom space.

“We are excited to introduce our new products, as always,” explains Jennifer DeVol, the owner of Bugs-n-Blooms. “However, the rollout of these new products, most especially the Mikayla butterfly, is extremely near and dear to my heart, since the original design was created by my second daughter Mikayla. Not only is this new butterfly a fanciful addition to our product line, but it makes Mikayla proud to have been able to design a butterfly that will most likely be as popular as the style created by her older sister Hailey.”

In addition to the nylon butterfly decorations, flower decorations and other garden-themed decorations offered by Bugs-n-Blooms, the company also offers an impressive selection of dress-up butterfly costumes, butterfly wings, tutu skirts, magical fairy wands, flower embellished headbands and wall stickers. Product lines are continually evolving and being added to in order to keep up with customer requests and the hottest color trends. “If your little one likes butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, bees or flowers, we’re sure to have something to please!” explains DeVol.


Bugs-n-Blooms, LLC, is about to roll-out the newest products in their extensive line of nylon butterfly decor. The Mikayla butterfly, named for the owner’s daughter since she created the design, follows the introduction of the Hailey butterfly, created and named for the owner’s older daughter over a year ago. Glitter butterflies and shimmer flowers, additional new products by Bugs-n-Blooms, offer options to brighten the rooms of any young child. All new products will be available shortly on the company’s website at

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