TallCat Leads the New [CREATIV] Movement

Scottsdale, AZ - October 5, 2012 - The [CREATIV] Movement is a new grassroots movement which unites people by creativity and individuality. TallCat.com is a community expressly for creativity and talent.

Online PR News – 05-October-2012 – Scottsdale AZ – This online platform has been fashioned so that all genres of creative individuals may find a home where their passion or profession may be equally expressed and exhibited. The [CREATIV] is any individual who lives to express their creativity or talent in any facet of life or trade.

[CREATIVS] are Musicians, Models, Photographers, Painters, Videographers, Fashion Designers, Snowboarders, Jewelry Makers, Architects, Dancers, Actors, Writers, and many, many more. TallCat embraces all of the [CREATIV] genres. According to a national endowment for the arts study, “More than half of Americans participate in the arts via electronic media,” states Sunil Lyengar, NEA Director of Research and Analysis (USA Today, Pitt, 2011).

TallCat offers the opportunity for [CREATIVS] to create a premiere online presence that can be customized and showcased as they see fit. TallCat is as custom as the [CREATIV]. The TallCat team unites with the [CREATIV] to generate a group effort that renegotiates the process of how talent is realized and revealed, and how creativity is showcased to the world. TallCat creates the place and the space where they can connect and collaborate, from one corner of the globe to the next, and fuses the creative energies of every category in one central location.

“You are a [CREATIV]. You are an inspiration. Be embraced for who you are on TallCat.com,” says Blake Brinker, Co-Founder of TallCat.

TallCat envisions bringing all the creativity and talent in the world to one place for everyone to experience and enjoy, and invites people who are creative or just touched by creativity to join in the [CREATIV] Movement and take a glimpse inside (http://www.tallcat.com) before the full-scale launch of the platform this fall. [CREATIVS] can also follow the ‘Movement’ on TallCat’s Twitter and Facebook pages to get all the latest news and updates.


MEDIA NOTE: If you would like more information about TallCat and The [CREATIV] Movement please call (623) 335-0543 or send an email to ana@tallcat.com. Also, check out the company’s Indiegogo campaign by visiting http://www.indiegogo.com/thecreativmovement.

About TallCat (www.tallcat.com): TallCat is a place where creativity is sovereign. TallCat has created a stage where [CREATIVS] can showcase their work gearing towards their widespread success. The “[CREATIV]” as TallCat terms them, is a unique and wonderfully atypical entity; not always comprehended by society at large, but welcomed, valued, embraced and understood. Follow the TallCat nation on http://twitter.com/tallcatcreativ, or like them on their official Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/tallcatcreativ, and watch all of their [CREATIV] videos on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/tallcattube.