Amron International Introduces New BIBS Breathing Masks

Patent-pending design meets most stringent saturation diving standards

Online PR News – 05-October-2012 – Vista, California – To meet the changing needs of deepwater saturation diving, Amron International has developed the new 450M BIBS Mask and the 350M BIBS Mask. These new masks have been exhaustively performance tested and are certified to meet the toughest industry requirements, ensuring divers will have a reliable supply of air, oxygen or mixed gas.

Amron engineers designed the masks completely from scratch, using advanced technologies to improve on traditional BIBS Breathing Systems. The patent-pending mask features rugged housing and stainless steel valve assemblies, greatly improving durability over competitors’ masks. The breathing system uses minimal resistance for both inhaling and exhaling, requiring less effort for normal breathing. The inhaler side uses a pneumatically balanced second-stage regulator with fine-tune adjustment that allows the diver to control the amount of incoming gas. The exhaust side is a pneumatically balanced second-stage regulator with a valve that expels gases overboard, eliminating carbon dioxide build-up.

“We’re very excited to bring these advanced BIBS masks to the market because they are extremely reliable during extended usage and will stand up to the tough conditions usually found in hyperbaric chambers,” said Scott Ritchie, VP Manufacturing, Amron International. “Most others masks can’t take the abuse and they’re built using decades-old designs. We wanted to build a new mask from the ground up, giving divers in the deepest waters the best BIBS mask possible in the event of hyperbaric environment contamination. These divers have extremely difficult jobs, and the last thing they should have to worry about is their equipment. Both the divers and operators can rest assured these new Amron BIBS masks will perform to the designed depth limits of their deepwater saturation system.”

Both the Amron BIBS 450M Mask and the BIBS 350M Mask were tested and approved by NUI/Thelma in Norway and have been certified to meet the Norsok U-101:1999 requirements. The masks can be used with Air, Oxygen or Heliox.

Great care was also taken to make sure the masks would be as comfortable as possible. A flexible silicone oral-nasal has been designed to fit a wide range of face shapes. It surrounds both the nose and mouth, reducing strain on the nasal bridge and jaw. A new, mesh full-head support is lighter and more breathable, which greatly improves comfort. A unique microphone jack can be linked to an external speaker for clear communications with people outside the saturation system.

The BIBS 450M Mask and the BIBS 350M Mask are currently available for purchase on the Amron International website at

Both the 350M and the 450M have an MSRP of $1,525.00. To learn more about Amron International’s full line of manufactured products, visit