Miele Introduces The World’s First Domestic Hybrid Power Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Combines high class cleaning performance with unlimited mobility in cord or cordless mode

Online PR News – 22-March-2010 – – With over 80 years of expertise in vacuum cleaning, leading German premium appliance manufacturer Miele is launching the very first high performance cordless vacuum cleaner. The Miele Hybrid S4812 is the World’s first domestic cylinder vacuum cleaner to offer both a cord and cordless option, able to switch seamlessly between the two power supplies for perfect cleaning results in and around the home.

The innovative Miele Hybrid is powered by lithium-ion technology. The beauty of lithium-ion is that it has no memory recognition, which means the battery does not drain down or lose power during storage like traditional batteries. In cordless mode, the battery will retain up to 20 minutes of cordless cleaning power* - ample time for a quick turn up the stairs or out to valet the car.

There is no need for an external charger: the AutoCharge function checks the battery’s charge levels whenever connected to mains supply and tops up appropriately so the vacuum cleaner is always ready for use. The Hybrid also features a useful LED electronic indicator that displays its charge status at any time.

Exceptionally quiet, the Miele Hybrid combines dust pick-up efficiency with unlimited mobility to make light work of household chores. Stylish and compact in design and available in Argento Silver, the Hybrid’s ability to switch to battery-operation makes it perfect for urban or rural living, from the car to the garage, or even horsebox, boat or summerhouse.

Based on the design of Miele’s S4 compact range, the Hybrid S4812 conforms to rigorous hygiene standards to remove dust, dirt and allergens. With Miele HyClean dustbags you can lock in the finest of dust particles and the auto-close hygiene shutter guarantees no leakage for the most hygienic dust disposal. The Hybrid S4812 is flexible and adjustable to attack hard-to-reach areas such as under the bed or above the curtain rails.

The Miele Air Flow system also means the Miele Hybrid S4812 achieves excellent filtration throughout the entire sealed system – from the floor head to the dustbag to the motor and exhaust filter – picking up particles tinier than dust mites.

The Miele Hybrid S4812 starts from £499. Launching in Spring 2010 it will be available at Miele Centres and Specialists. For more information visit www.miele.co.uk or call 0845 365 6600.