Boost Your Organic Garden Output with Natural Fertilizer ProtoGrow from

New natural fertilizer doubles garden production and produces nutrient-dense food.

Online PR News – 22-March-2010 – – While much of the United States is still awaiting the thaw from a particularly bad winter the days of spring are just ahead and for many that means it’s time to get back into the garden and prepare the soil for their fruits and vegetables.

This can be a confusing process for gardeners who want to take a natural approach to growing their food as the market is now flooded with products claiming to produce superior fruits and vegetables. The organic gardening market is big business and many of the products available aren’t always the most effective tools to producing a healthy garden

As many gardeners know, the most important aspect of a garden is the soil that will be growing the planted seeds and if this soil isn’t cared for properly the fruits and vegetables that are harvested won’t yield the nutritionally dense food they desire. When looking for a natural fertilizer to treat your soil you should always make sure the product contains the right ingredients that will interact with the ground to meet your desires.

It was with this understanding that the natural fertilizer ProtoGrow was developed. Blended with a unique mix of micronutrients from a special kelp extract and the macronutrients from North Atlantic fish ProtoGrow is a “superfood” that can stimulate the soil and produce the healthiest and tastiest fruits and vegetables that you can put on your table.

A tremendous benefit of ProtoGrow is how easy it is to use. Despite containing no harmful chemicals the “superfood” need only be applied with little else left to do. Several other natural fertilizers require an almost vigilant approach to gardening, making sure the produce is free from disease and attack yet ProtoGrow requires no such caution.

ProtoGrow may make you stare at your garden more but that is only because you’ll be amazed at how quickly your fruits and vegetables grow.

In addition to producing the most nutritionally dense fruits and vegetables ProtoGrow is also the perfect natural fertilizer for your flowers, delivering fantastic growth and brilliant blooms. ProtoGrow is also ideal for landscapers looking to grow shrubs and sod; herbalists looking to grow the most potent herbs; indoor gardeners who don’t want to give up on those hard to treat plants; and so much more.
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