Arkuda Digital Announces New Version of ArkMC

Watch your favorite videos on any device in your home network

Online PR News – 05-October-2012 – New York – Arkuda Digital LLC, a software development company with expertise in UPnP/DLNA technology, has introduced a new version of a software application for Android mobile phones and tablet PCs that can manage multimedia content within home digital networks utilizing UPnP/DLNA technology.

ArkMC, a DLNA certified application, presents functionality of Digital Media Server, Controller, Player and Renderer all-in-one and makes it simple to share image/music/video files between all UPnP- and DLNA-enabled devices in a local digital network. It manages all UPnP/DLNA compatible devices and allows controlling them remotely. Additionally, it supports local playback, allowing streaming multimedia files on Android devices. Remarkable feature is access point mode that empowers Android device with ability to establish its own Wi-Fi connection nearly anywhere. With that feature, it’s easy to create a wireless connection and bundle other devices with it making a fully autonomous digital network.

ArkMC locates media items both online and offline and enables streaming AV files from PC, STB, YouTube, Blu-Ray Disc Player, Digital Cameras, Camcorders and Mobile Devices to TV, PCs, Media Centers, Digital Photo Frames and Mobile Devices. For example, music files stored on PC could be browsed and streamed to Media Center, video currently played on Android phone could be synchronically played on TV and controlled by ArkMC from the phone, pictures taken with a camera could be instantly displayed on digital photo frames, etc.

This application automatically installs and doesn’t require additional software for configuration. ArkMC identifies all compatible devices in the network and provides a list of them grouped by servers and renderers. Servers act as a source of content, while renderers enable a playback of content. Application allows choosing a server, browsing through its libraries, finding albums and files and streaming them on a chosen playback device. ArkMC has a simple and functional user interface, which will enhance the overall quality of a user experience. In addition, it has complete interoperability with Windows Media Player - applications seamlessly share media content with each other.
New feature, introduced by Arkuda Digital, is integration with YouTube in Arkuda Media Center (ArkMC), the first major social media service integration. The YouTube integration includes several features including searching, monitoring, sharing and adding channels to the media device. With this integration, ArkMC makes its way to the social media world.
Using the new integration in ArkMC – watching your favorite channels has never been so easy. Find your channel, select video and watch it on big screen in your living room or show it to your friends on their own device. Customers using ArkMC may also add channels to favorites, enjoy the newest videos, manage channel list. You can watch same video on all UPnP/DLNA devices in your network or stream different videos to different UPnP/DLNA devices.

One of the attracting features offered by ArkMC is an ability to create playlists. It allows adding different types of media files from different DLNA servers in the network and customizing playlists by renaming media items and moving their position within the list. Playlists could be streamed to any DLNA renderer in a digital network.
The ArkMC application now includes:
• Manages all multimedia content (including YouTube channels) between DLNA compliant devices within media network over Wi-Fi or remote network access from anywhere inside and outside network environment
• Discovers and displays all DLNA compliant devices in the network sorted on servers and renderers
• Enables browsing through libraries on DLNA media servers and choosing content which then can be streamed to compatible DLNA renderers
• Allows streaming multimedia content on various DLNA devices in different rooms all at once
• Allows streaming content locally on Android phone or tablet PC
• Multi-playback feature enabling instant sharing of currently played files with any DLNA-enabled devices in the network with ability to control all playbacks at the same time
• Play, stop, pause, fast forward and rewind the playback navigation buttons
• Discovers capabilities of all devices and converts home network into an intelligent media environment with a two-way remote function
• Playlists (add different types of media files, edit, remove)
• Send image/ music/video from Windows Media Player to ArkMC via “Play To”
• Access Point mode support (portable Wi-Fi spot)
• Available as a Digital Media Renderer (DMR) in network
• Displays album covers, artists, genres and other file’s characteristics
• Represents easy-to-navigate, modern and functional user interface

ArkMC is available on
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About Arkuda Digital LLC:
Founded by seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in Digital Entertainment industry, Arkuda Digital LLC is a software development company specializing in providing highly technical solutions in UPnP/DLNA technology, real-time and video delivery systems development, embedded development, DTCP-IP, ARIB and Win DRM, transcoding, testing and QA, and other media related projects.

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