O’Brien’s Rogue River Outfitters with Thirty Years of Experience Organize the Best Oregon Rafting Trips

O’Brien’s Rogue River Outfitters is one of the best companies to offer the Oregon rafting experience to tourists that like to enjoy the best whitewater rafting experience. They offer highly competitive rafting packages

Online PR News – 22-March-2010 – – Grants Pass, OR - O’Brien’s Rogue River Outfitters have been in the Oregon rafting industry for over 30 years. During this period, they have been the best river rafting company that tourists and white water rafting enthusiasts can trust. Those who are booking their Oregon rafting trips with this company will be guided by 30 years of water rafting expertise. They are very professional in their approach, and needless to say, their experience enables them to organize highly enjoyable Rogue River Rafting trips. O’Brien’s Rogue River Outfitters have great experience in running rivers, camping, hiking and teaching. All boat operators are fully licensed by Oregon State Marine Board. They are also fully trained in First Aid and CPR. They are fully qualified rafting guides. However, there are many rafting companies in the industry, not all of them are capable of offering a safe and enjoyable experience. It takes proper training as well as experience.
When it comes to white water rafting, safety is of paramount importance. It is not enough that white water rafting experience is just enjoyable but it is even more important to have a safe experience.
Those who love adventures will be able to find the best experience with this company. O’Brien’s Rogue River Outfitters organizes a wide range of whitewater rafting trips and camps. Their experience level helps them give the best Oregon rafting trips possible. Without any exception, everyone that has been Oregon rafting with O’Brien’s Rogue River Outfitters has loved the experience. Whether one is going on their rafting trip for the first time or one is a seasoned rafting expert, O’Brien’s Rogue River Outfitters is the best company in the industry.
O’Brien’s Rogue River Outfitters uses well maintained boats for rafting. They have all the safety equipments in place to ensure maximum safety for their rafters. They follow all safety measures required religiously with every trip because they understand that without personal safety it is not possible for the rafting team to enjoy their trip.
O’Brien’s Rogue River Outfitters charges very competitive rates for their rafting trips. They have many attractive rafting packages to suit everyone’s needs and budget. For more information on river rafting packages visit http://www.oregon-river-rafting.com/