FarSuperior Partners Selects Referdia.com for the Public Launch of its Consumer ID Program

FarSuperior launches its Consumer ID program. With the rise in on-line fraud, predators and false social media profiles, the Internet has become a very risky place and America has come to a cross road with respect to the protection of consumer information online.

Online PR News – 04-October-2012 – Phoenix, Arizona – FarSuperior Partners, LLC the operational entity for FarSuperior.com and its 250 community sites, selects Referdia.com for the public launch of its new consumer ID protection programs.

According to Wayne Warrington, Consumer Advocate and Founder of FarSuperior.com, we have come to a cross roads in America with respect to the protection of consumer information and identification online. The rise in on-line fraud, scams, predators and false social media profiles has turned the Internet into a very risky place to enter into new relationships, whether for business or social interaction. The FBI reports Internet crimes and fraudulent schemes are plaguing our nation. Reports are coming into my office virtually ever week of a new website or scam being promoted online through email marketing, spamming and even through social media outlets such as Facebook.

In response to consumer needs for protection of their IDs online, FarSuperior has entered into a long term relationship with Merchants Information Solutions “a 100 year old credit reporting company” to provide consumers with a remedy for the damages caused by the theft of their identification. At the same time FarSuperior has developed its own ID Verification and Certification program for individuals and small business owners, designed to provide consumers with a comfort level when interacting with a new business or someone they have just met online.

We want to put a stop to online predators fraud and fake profiles. Our new ID program can accomplish this by providing a method for consumers to know whom they are dealing with online and upon first contact.

Our new Farsuperior ID program can be used by consumers, small business owners and professional service providers on any website or online venue they choose, says Warrington.

Warrington further stated “We want to put a stop to online predators, fraud and fake profiles. Our new ID program can accomplish this by providing a method for consumers to know whom they are dealing with online and upon first contact.” Online social sites such as Facebook, MySpace & Match.com are filled with fake member profiles that have been create for purposes of fraudulent schemes or for simply taking advantage of those consumers online that are seeking real social interaction. Popular sites such as Craigslist are also used by con artists seeking to make a quick buck by preying upon innocent buyers and sellers. Our goal is to protect consumers by providing a simple, however effective, process to know that the other person on the end of the email, chat or ecommerce connection is who they say they are and not simply an online predator seeking a new victim.

To reach out to as many consumers as possible for the introduction of FarSuperior ID, FarSuperior Partners selected Referdia.com for its ability to present great offers to consumers nationwide. When reviewing the options available on the Internet today for consumers to receive quality deals, we found Referdia to have what we believe to be the next generation of Internet shopping. The combination of Referdia and FarSuperior creates a powerful tool for consumers to cut through the millions of web pages when attempting to locate quality products and services, and at the same time having a comfort level with those businesses that have been certified through FarSuperior's ID program.

About Referdia.com

Founded in 2010, Referdia is an innovative social-commerce site that connects shoppers and businesses to create lasting relationships with limitless perks.

Consumers have access to over 500,000 offers from businesses throughout the United States and Canada, and can claim an unlimited number of deals for a low monthly fee. Free memberships are also available and allow customers the opportunity to claim offers for just $2 each. In addition, Referdia provides businesses a platform to run unlimited custom offers of their own creation. Unlike previous online-marketing models, Referdia offers businesses a subscription plan, alleviating percentage-based commissions, and large marketing expenses. As a further benefit, whenever Referdia members both consumers and businesses refer their friends to the savings, they are rewarded through the incredible Referral Program. Through Referdia, Far Superior is excited to introduce a limited time offer of 74% Off ID Theft Recovery Service. For more information on this offer or to sign up and create a free account, visit www.referdia.com/b/19465.

About FarSuperior.com

FarSuperior.com was founded in 1999 as an online top 10 business directory for consumers. In 2005 the company adopted a new form of consumer interaction with its Expert Artificial Intelligence Agent. Today, FarSuperior.com is pleased to be among the top 1% of Ad Free, Spam Free & Consumer Friendly web sites in the World. For more details on FarSuperior, please visit us at: www.FarSuperior.com

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