Now Purchase JAM Paper Products Also In Southampton

JAM Paper & Envelope, a one stop shop for stationary items such as office & school supplies, gift papers, bags, promotional material, etc. has now opened its pop up shop at Southampton.

Online PR News – 04-October-2012 – New York – .

Two main shops and offices of Jam paper are located at New York and New Jersey. However, during the summer, most of the customers of Jam paper shift to Hampton and hence, city retails become dead. Taking this into account, JAM Paper & Envelope has decided to follow its customers by opening a pop up shop at Southampton. This shop is located at 68 Jobs Lane, Southampton.

Jam paper's pop up shop is an ideal place to find envelopes, binders, folders, gift wrapping papers, bags, portfolios, cards, wedding invitations with many other goods of paper. Here also, customers can find different varieties in all these items. Thus, if you are looking to purchase an envelope then you can easily pick up your favorite one as at pop up shop you would find colored envelopes with golden, ivory, plastic envelopes and padded envelopes also. Beside envelopes, there are also binders of various shapes & sizes such as 1, 2, 3 inches ring binders with Cd holder and lot more. Likewise, different types of wrapping accessories are also there for customers. Currently, customers can purchase wrapping papers, colored tissue papers, satin ribbons, shred tissues, stix, bows, clear & colorful packaging tapes and many more.

If you are a parent and need to purchase school supplies for children in advance then you should definitely pay a visit at pop up shop. To purchase important school supplies like markers of various sizes, crayons, chalks, metallic sharpies, gel and calligraphy pens, pencil cases, etc., the Jam Paper is a perfect place for kids & parents.

For summer weddings, Jam Paper has launched specially designed gift bags and wine bags. The gifts bags are decorated with feather, satin, tulle while wine bags are adorned with foil or designer papers. Apart from this, you can even buy metal pail buckets at this pop up store. Pink, red, colorful polka dots pail buckets are ideal gift for baby shower, engagements, etc.

So, along with all items can also be found at JAM Paper's pop up shop at Southampton.