EXCLUSIVE: Marriage and Family Therapist Opens up About Her Adoption and Infertility

On Kristin Moorehead's therapist blog, she talks about her experiences dealing with infertility near the age of 40 and her eventual decision to pursue adoption and adopt a young baby boy. She expresses all of challenges and fears she overcame.

Online PR News – 05-October-2012 – 10/4/2012, Carlsbad, CA – Carlsbad, CA Kristin Moorehead is the owner of SAGE Therapy Center( http://www.sagetherapycenter.com/ ), one of the highest-rated therapist offices in San Diego according to Google and Yelp. Kristin is a Marriage and Family Therapist with over 10 years experience working with men, women, couples, and family. She has a BS from UCSD majoring in Physiology and Neuroscience, an MA in Counseling Psychology. She has also served as the Membership Chairperson, Chief Technical Officer, President on the San Diego Therapist Association, and is past president of the Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

What sets Kristin and her business apart is that she not only practices the things she preaches, but she's also experienced many of the same issues that her clients are undergoing. As such, as a therapist, she is a unique position to take her clients by the hand and help them overcome the challenges they are facing, step by step.

On her blog( http://www.sagetherapycenter.com/san-diego-therapist-blog/ ), she talks about her experiences dealing with infertility near the age of 40 and her eventual decision to pursue adoption and adopt a young baby boy. With clarity and candor, she expresses all of the fears, hopes, and worries that she felt as a woman that underscored her frustrations and challenges undergoing fertility treatments to conceive a child.

"Seeing pregnant people everywhere brought up all my insecurities and how powerless I was to get what I so desperately wanted," Kristin writes on her blog. "When I got the call that my pregnancy test was negative, I was depressed and worried for several days as a result. My doctor, however, seemed optimistic and I did my best to believe her."

"Wrought with anxiety and hope, I waited the requisite two weeks until my next pregnancy test."

The anticipation, the drugs, and the extreme costs associated with fertility treatments began to take their toll. Kristin began to feel like she wasn't adequate as a woman. Add to this the extra disappointment of feeling as though she was letting her husband and daughter (who wished to have a sibling) down.

After several months of treatments, she eventually decided to adopt a child that was not her own. She goes into detail about the new set of challenges that adoption brought with it, her concerns, and her eventual decision.

The rest of her incredible can be read on the SAGE Therapy website's blog, at http://www.sagetherapycenter.com/san-diego-therapist-blog/

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