Leading Distributor In Artificial Turf Expands Services To Invest In Client Education

Synthetic Lawn Supply offers a new, education-based website to help clients make the right investment in artificial turf.

Online PR News – 03-October-2012 – San Diego, CA – Synthetic Lawn Supply is a trusted distributor of artificial turf, maintaining warehouses with 300,000 square feet of high-quality grass capable to meet turf installation needs nationwide. Beyond the walls of the warehouse, SyntheticLawnSupply.com recently expanded their online services to help clients understand the intricacies of artificial turf, equipping them to make informed installation choices.

Synthetic Lawn Supply has redesigned their website with education in mind, making turf information easily accessible. SyntheticLawnSupply.com offers full spec sheets that detail how turf is manufactured, material make-up, what chemicals it contains, and lead tests. The website also hosts a dictionary of turf terminology, because when it comes to artificial grass, it’s important to be able to walk and talk turf. Grass is a long-term investment, and SyntheticLawnSupply.com hosts online warranty information to put clients at ease. The website brings all aspects of artificial turf to their online community, arming clients with the right information to select the right turf for their outdoor environment.

There are many variables to match different lifestyle needs. Our new website helps clients make the right choice to ensure long-term satisfaction.

Education and design are the core of Synthetic Lawn Supply’s new online presence. The website hosts a sleek, user-friendly layout that is easy to read and navigate. Clients can view pictures of successful installations, see different types of turf, and read descriptions detailing its qualities and applications. You can read tools and tips for professional looking installations, as well as see the process from start to finish. SyntheticLawnSupply.com also hosts a blog that keeps up with developments in artificial turf.

Synthetic Lawn Supply understands that great turf isn’t just grass; it is the satisfaction of the turf owner. The website is now designed to offer clients a clear picture of what goes into an installation. “Priority one for us is that clients make informed decisions about what turf they install,” says Kris Grant owner of Synthetic Lawn Supply. “There are many variables to match different lifestyle needs. Our new website helps clients make the right choice to ensure long-term satisfaction.”

Artificial turf is a signature element in outdoor living. It is beautiful and durable, providing safe, aesthetic environments for homes, recreation areas, sport fields, putting greens, pet facilities and much more. Synthetic turf is designed to withstand everyday use, intense sunlight, extreme weather conditions, and pet odors, extending longevity up to 25+years.

Over the years, populations have realized the ease of artificial grass installation and maintenance. Trends have turned to synthetic turf. Service providers have been quick to answer as installers everywhere set up shop. Synthetic Lawn Supply has led the pack. They are a trusted name in artificial turf industry, offering factory direct prices as well as a team of certified contractors who exceed expectations time and time again.

While turf is designed to be tough, SyntheticLawnSupply.com’s expanded services make it easy to choose the right artificial grass product. The site’s new offerings help Synthetic Lawn Supply reaffirm their market position as the leading distributor in artificial turf with their commitment to customer service and client education.

Synthetic Lawn Supply is a leading artificial turf distributor based out of San Diego, CA. Since 2002 the company has grown from a regional operation to a nationwide synthetic grass wholesaler, providing the latest technology in the artificial turf industry. Synthetic Lawn Supply is dedicated to providing quality products to artificial grass installers nationwide.
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