Armitage Jones creates the AJ Forum

The ‘AJ Business Forum’ has just been set-up by Leeds Entrepreneurs. Tony Armitage and Chris Jones.

Online PR News – 04-October-2012 – London, UK – They’re both partners at Armitage Jones, a company based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, that provide corporate recovery and restructuring. The two business partners are looking to give their expertise to the general public through the medium of the forum, by providing essential business information, guidance to business’ or individuals that are facing difficulties but it is also a community for users to air their thoughts and views on the economy in general and ask the experts questions.

There will be no subscription charge for the use of the forum and both Chris and Tony are hoping that UK individuals and business’ will eventually use the AJ Forum as their first port of call for when they feel they need the advice of an expert, or think that they can help a fellow forum member, by providing any legal or financial advice that a fellow user may require.

Chris Jones said, ‘There are a range of topics on the business forum that can be discussed, such as consulting, funding/finance, law, tax, commercial property and the economy in general. We are hoping that a number of people can find what they are looking for on the site, as such a broad spectrum of topics within the niche can be covered’, he continued ‘We’re also hoping that there will be plenty of financial and legal experts involved with AJ Business Forum from up and down the UK that will be able to contribute their advice and knowledge to the business forum, so the site can grow and we will have a hub of knowledge and information on the sector, which will be free for everybody to access’.

For more information visit or contact Armitage Jones on +44 01943 609117.