Professional Medical Record Review Support Services

Professional medical record review support services are available to meet different litigation needs.

Online PR News – 22-March-2010 – – Professional Medical Record Review Support Services for Various Litigation Needs

The medical record review expert does a review of all hospital medical records that are available--x-rays, affidavits, depositions, physician records, and so on. The medical expert would search for signs of a causal link between the patient’s injury, and departure from the standard.

In the healthcare industry, documentation and billing errors are expensive if you look from the standpoint of compliance and reimbursement. Professional medical record review support services may be required for services such as the following:

• Nonsurgical obesity solutions
• Chiropractic services
• Rehabilitation for low vision
• Musculoskeletal services
• Special investigations
• Bariatric surgery
• Cognitive therapy
• Spinal fusion
• Autism associated services
• Physical therapy
• Occupational therapy

Quality Reviews for Merit, Liability, and Causation

Medical records are reviewed for merit, liability, and causation. Other services that may be provided are affidavits, depositions, court testimonies, and notarized reports. Worthwhile features of medical record review solutions include dedicated workforce, multilevel QA, competitive pricing, audit trail, enhanced productivity, receptive customer assistance, and customized turnaround. Other services that may be provided in addition to medical record review are medical expert testimony, and medical case summaries. Assistance can be provided for issues such as wrongful death, products liability, criminal, environmental law, medical malpractice, personal injury, worker’s compensation, and toxic torts.

Look for Quality, a Good Turnaround, and Reasonable Pricing

The professional reviews got would provide insight and/or information that can be followed by the customer. When looking for a good provider of professional medical record review support services, consider factors such as quality, competence of turnaround time, and cost-effectiveness of service.