Team Weight Loss - Lose weight with the support of family and friends.

TOWERROUNDER LTD today announced a new product. The Product, called Team Weight Loss (available on Google Play), aims to create teams of users interested in losing weight together. Read on to find out more.

Online PR News – 04-October-2012 – Norwich, United Kingdom – Norwich, United Kingdom
Today, an independent developer released an app on Google Play (Android Market).

The app (titled Team Weight Loss) goes against the conventional weight loss approach. It does this by encouraging it’s members to be part of teams. Team members can consist of anyone – partners, friends, family, co-workers, etc.

The app was built from the ground up with team focus in mind. Members can easily use the app without being part of a team, but this is discouraged as Team Weight loss encourages it’s members to manage their weight with the support of others.

Target Audience:
• Family members wishing to manage their weight together.
• Weight loss support groups wishing to keep an eye on each other’s efforts.
• Co-workers wishing to embark on a short term weight loss regime.
• Partners wishing to help each other to maintain a healthy weight.
• And so on…

How it works:
The main area of the app is the weight graph. The weight graph displays weight entries (over time) of all members within a team.

The weight graph shows weight entries as loss or gain. Actual weight entries are hidden by default (but can be changed). This ensures that members’ real weight remains private and only their weight loss (or gain) is visible to their team members.

Teams have a start date. The graph will show all weight entries as loss or gain based on this date (i.e. how much weight members lost or gained since the team started).

From the weight graph users can easily navigate to other areas of the app. These include:
• Weight Entry list (where members can add or delete their weight entries)
• Teams (where members can search, join or create teams)
• Profile (where members can change their settings)

Two versions of the app are available on Google Play:
Free (ad supported):
Paid (UK £0.89)

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