RTW Sales and Services Opens New Online Church Candle and Supply Store

Religious and church candles and other products and services to churches and individual can now be ordered online. Special orders available at 704-467-3550.

Online PR News – 04-October-2012 – Concord, NC – RTW Sales and Services is pleased to announce the opening of its online church supply store which includes Religious Candles and other types of Church Candles. For those who are looking for religious and church candles and other products and services, RTW Sales and Services is able to assist.

It is no secret that finding high-quality religious candles can be challenging and expensive. RTW Sales and Services was launched in order to help individuals and churches to find and purchase various type of religious candles. The online store offers a wide variety of church candles to fit any need or occasion. All religious and church candles and other products and services are priced affordably, and special order requests (in terms of quantity) can be arranged by calling founder and owner Robert Williams at 704-467-3550.

Robert Williams, the owners of RTW Sales and Services, has been a volunteer for his church for more than 25 years. He opened RTW Sales and Services in order to help other churches and individuals find the religious candles and other church supplies that they often seek. He is dedicated to providing only the best quality products at affordable prices. Churches of all sizes will find the religious candles and other church supplies that they need with ease when they visit the new website.

Of special interest to many are pure beeswax religious candles. The early church often used beeswax candles during their worship services. Tallow candles were known to give off smoke which could reveal the services to those who were persecuting Christians at the time. Today's church has set forth canon law stating that its candles must be "maxima parte" of beeswax. RTW Sales and Services have a wide variety of beeswax church candles, all of which are available to the public.

RTW Sales and Services is dedicated to providing authentic products to its customers. But they are also dedicated to providing the best quality products as well. Visitors to the site can find Lux Domini beeswax candles, various types of candle globes in a wide array of colors and sizes, sanctuary globes to fit any need or décor, altar candles, Paschal candles, seasonal candles of all types and sizes, candles suitable for candlelight services and many other religious and church candles and other products and services. For anyone who is seeking church candles or other supplies, RTW Sales and Service will most likely have it.

The site is open to the public and there is no charge for using it. There are no registration requirements and all items are presented in color photos that show up-close details. The site is operated under the principle that customers have a right to know what they are buying and that information should be honest and true. All items are priced in plain English and, as mentioned above, if individuals or churches need to make special order requests, they simply have to call Robert Williams, owner, and he will happily assist them. Visit the site today to see the wonderful church candles available to the public.

For More Information Please Visit :- http://rtwsalesandservices.com